Universal Design Day Logo

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Henry Madden Library

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

This event was commissioned by President Castro and Provost Zelezny to bring awareness of universal design and accessibility to our campus. This event is hosted by a joint working group of members from the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI), the President’s Council on Disabilities and Access (PCDA) and the President’s Committee on Human Relations and Equity (PCHRE).

Students, staff, faculty and guests are invited to drop by during the 9:00am – to 3:00pm event for universal design for learning and attend a showcase of resources and best practices, “Pop-in” to 30-minute workshops, and get hands-on access to information in multiple formats. Get your answers! Food, prizes and opportunities in universal design.

Outcomes of Project

  1. Participants will have a better understanding of what universal design and accessibility is
  2. Participants will understand that universal design benefits all students,
  3. Participants will have a better understanding of the needs of students with disabilities and how tech helps them in their lives and careers at Fresno State.
  4. Participants will have a better understanding of the resources available to all of them - "Work Better not Harder"

Program Overview

  • Event kicks-off at DISCOVERe Hub, and showcase will be throughout 1st floor, south wing of the library. There will be 30 minute “Pop-In” sessions held at various locations throughout the library at different times.
  • Share on social media: #UniversalDesignDay
  • Check out the event website!  http://www.fresnostate.edu/accessibility/universal.html
  • Sharing Your Credly Badge via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn); Faculty, students, and staff participating in Universal Access Day will be issued a digital badge as verification of attendance. Participants who would like to share their badges through social media may do so through Credly. Register to receive yours!
  • Refreshments served in the back of the South Wing.
  • Brown Bag Luncheon / Panel discussion on "What and Why - Universal Design?"
  • Raffle Prizes: Receive a raffle ticket at each showcase you visit, and 5 raffle tickets when attending a Pop-In workshops. A chance to win prizes:  gift cards, gift baskets, technology, etc.). Items will be displayed in the showcase area; tickets can be dropped in collection boxes for each raffle item. Drawing at 3:00 pm.
  • Grand prize: Located at front entrance to event, (e.g.) A Window Surface Pro!!! To enter the drawing attendees sign-up with name, email address and identify themselves as a student, staff, faculty or visitor. Follow-up brief survey will be sent to assess outcome.

How can you help!

Sponsor the Event:

Marketing Costs / Refreshments/ Brown Bag Luncheon / Panel discussion on "What and Why - Universal Design"

(Contact Co-Chair Janice Brown, janicebrown@csufresno.edu  for further information)

Host a table at the “Showcase”: (Contact Co-Chair Marvin Williams, Assistive Technology Coordinator at SSD for further information: 278-5692 or email at  marwilliams@csufresno.edu.

Donate a raffle item (Universal Design Related preferred) Here are some examples: 

  • Digital recorder
  • One year free Evernote Pro subscription
  • Livescribe pen
  • iPad and/or accessories
  • $10-$25 gift cards (Gift Card Raffle Box)
  • Kennel Bookstore or  Farm Market gift certificates
  • Fresno State gift baskets: wine baskets, athletics, Fresno State Promo Items
  • Need more ideas? Just ask!

Help spread the word!!

  • Share on social media: #UniversalDesignDay
  • Post our flyers around your work area and encourage others to attend
  • Challenge your students, staff, peers or program team to visit the event, and come back with one thing they learned and can share with your group.
  • Challenge yourself to learn to do one thing a little different and help our campus become more inclusive to everyone!
  • Universal Design is everywhere – Challenge your class to discover how Universal design impacts their chosen profession and how they can include those concepts and open up their own field of opportunities.

Event Schedule

Showcase Tables (South Wing of Library)

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Educational Technology: Hands On!
  • TILT Services
  • Accessible Technology Initiative
  • Read & Write: Research and Study Tools for Everyone
  • Apps to Learn With
  • Student Success with Universal Design for Students with Disabilities
  • Universal Design of Event Planning
  • Inspiration Park - "Opening Next Month in Fresno!"
  • ASPIRE in Action.

DISCOVERe Hub Training - Drop-in

  • Evernote (video)
  • Notability
  • Google Docs

Universal Design Day Panel
Join President Castro, Faculty, Staff and Students to explore Universal Design at Fresno State

12 pm to 1 pm; Room 2206

Pop-in 30 Minute Workshops

10:15 10:45 am

Pop-In Session A

Apple: iPad Every Day Accessibility Features

# 2108

Public Safety/Emergency Plans

# 2206

Read & Write: Research and Study Tools for Everyone

# 2127

11:15 11:45 am

Pop-In Session B

TILT: Captioning Options Available on Campus

# 2206

Apple: Mac OS X Every Day Accessibility Features

# 2108

Read & Write: Research and Study Tools for Everyone

# 2127

1:15 -
1:45 pm

Pop-In Session C

Apple: iPad Every Day Accessibility Features

# 2108

Read & Write: Research and Study Tools for Everyone

# 2127