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Accommodations in the Classroom

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities provides academic support services for students with verified physical, psychological and learning disabilities. Accommodations include assistive technology, alternate formats of text, testing, reading, note-taking, sign language interpreting and campus transportation. Please refer students needing classroom accommodations to Henry Madden Library Suite 1202, or call 559.278.2811.

Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals

Campus services for students who are blind or have visual impairments are provided primarily through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. These include assistance with registration, where needed, collaboration with other campus offices for assistance with applications and other forms, textbooks in alternate formats (which may include e-files, Braille transcription, MP3, or audio tape recordings), assistive technology [such as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and JAWS (screen reader software)], campus mobility orientation and transportation, lab assistants and readers. Please call 559.278.2811 or visit online at:

Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

Sign Language Interpreters 
Contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, 559.278.2811. 

The SSD office is responsible for scheduling interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Fresno State. The Interpreter and Communications Coordinator (ICC) will notify Interpreters within the SSD Interpreter pool to fill these assignments. 

Ubiduo face-to-face communication Now available for Student Services at Fresno State
The Services for Students with Disabilities office in addition to many student services programs on campus have purchased the Ubiduo communication system which provides face-to-face communication for those who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have other communication challenges which make conversation difficult.

See the attached video from one of the Fresno State students on how the Ubiduo system can work for you.

The Ubiduo system is currently available at the following locations:

  • Services for Students Disability Office – Library 1st floor – south wing
  • Joyal Admission & Registrar Offices
  • Henry Madden Library-Reference Desk
  • Learning Center / Support Net – Library in the lower level
  • University Health & Psychological Services
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Academic Advising Services
  • Scholarship Office
  • Career Center
  • Center for Women and Culture
  • University Student Union – Information and Ticket Office
  • University Courtyard – Student Housing
  • Student Recreation Center

Assisted Listening Devices

On-Campus (student classroom and activity use), call the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, 559. 278.2811.

The Leon and Pete Peters Educational Center (in the Student Recreation Center). Headsets and receivers for the hearing assistance system are available at no charge. Call 559.347.3800.

Save Mart Center. Headsets and receivers for the FM hearing assistance system in the Save Mart Center are available at no charge. Call Patron Services at 559.347.3400 or visit the Guest Services Desk in the NW corner of the Main Concourse.

Video Relay Service

Available in the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.

Accommodation, Alternate Format Statements on Publications and Announcements
Accommodations and alternate format statements may be requested on publications, event announcements and web sites. Materials may be printed in an easy-to-read font size (16 pt) and provided upon request.

Campus Accessibility

For a temporary disabled parking permit (two weeks maximum), call the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at 559.278.2811. For longer term disabled parking permission, a student must display either a temporary or a permanent DMV disabled placard or license plate. In both cases, a paid campus parking permit must also be displayed.

Blue Curb parking for individuals with disabilities is available in all parking lot locations around campus and can be found on the Campus Parking Map.

For information special access for driving on campus and being dropped off on campus please view the Campus Access Map or contact the Office of Parking and Transportation at 559.278.2950, 2311 E. Barstow Ave or online at:

For information regarding accessibility to campus: Buildings, elevators, classrooms, bathrooms, labs, auditoriums, sports facilities, etc. Please contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at 559.278.2811 or view the Facility Accessibility Maps online.

SCOUT: 559.278.1900 ( Route Map)
Schedule rides for students with disabilities by contacting the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, located in the Henry Madden Library Suite 1202. For additional information, please visit the SCOUT web page at:

Save Mart Center
Please call Patron Services (559.347.3400) for accessibility services. For more information about accessibility services, visit the "Accessibility" portion of the website at:

Call or locate an emergency phone to request a safety escort officer or call 559.278.8400. Radio-equipped, uniformed, and trained safety escort officers will accompany persons to their destinations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit the web at:

NOTE: If a safety escort officer is unavailable, a police officer will provide this service.