Core Competencies Sub-Committee


From the WASC 2013 Handbook of Accreditation:

“In the 2013 Handbook, CFR 2.2a states that baccalaureate programs must: “ensure the development of core competencies including, but not limited to, written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking.”

“The institutional review process calls upon institutions to ensure that, upon graduation, students have achieved a defined level of performance in these five core competencies.”

“In all cases, the institution defines the core competencies for itself, sets the standard of student performance expected for each at graduation, and gathers evidence (which can be based on sampling) using the assessment methods of its choice.”

As a new WASC requirement, the documentation of these five core competencies is being phased in over several years. Because of where Fresno State falls in the accreditation cycle, we will need to provide evidence for one of the core competencies in our self study as well as a plan for assessment the remaining four competencies. On recommendation from the WASC Steering Committee, the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee approved written communication as the core competency which we will provide evidence for in our self study document.

The Core Competency Subcommittee will seek to establish standards of performance and methods of assessment for the written communication competency as well as develop plans for assessing the remaining four core competencies.


Name Department Email
Xuanning Fu College of Social Sciences
Monica Fusich Henry Madden Library
Raymond Hall Physics
Robert Harper Craig School of Business
Chuck Radke Division of Graduate Studies
Melanie Ram Political Science