Feedback Process

The feedback process occurs each semester. Any teacher who uses writing in her course may submit for feedback her course syllabus and any other materials (handouts, assignment sheets, rubrics, etc.) to the committee. The identity of the teacher is kept anonymous during the reading and feedback process. The committee discusses ideas and submits those to the Special Assistant to the Provost for Writing Across the Curriculum, who then contacts the faculty member privately, providing the feedback.

All feedback is framed in terms of observations made by the committee and possible changes or improvements for future versions of the course. The process is not designed to be punitive, nor is it meant to be oversight. Faculty are assumed to be responsible enough to do their best to meet university requirements and honest enough to accurately represent to the committee what happens in their courses.

The GE or W course guidelines above, as well as best practices understood by the committee, are used to make observations and offer suggestions for future versions of the course.