Example Lessons and Assignments

On this page, there are actual lessons plans, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and assignment sheets that faculty have used to incorporate writing in their courses.

As we begin to collect these, they will be posted here and announced.

The California State University, Fresno General Education Scoring Guide for Writing

This is a scoring guide for writing assignments offers three dimensions to consider when scoring or evaluating student writing. Each dimension has four scoring levels: “beginning,” “developing,” “competent,” and “accomplished.” This rubric agrees with much scholarship on the assessment of student writing in the field of Composition Studies.

Upper Division Writing Rubric

This rubric was developed over two years at Fresno State by many faculty in the English Department, WAC program, Writing Center, the Composition Committee (English Department), and the WAC Advisory Committee. It was used to help assess W-Course writing for the Fresno State's WASC accreditation in 2013-2014. The rubric can is meant to describe what Fresno State graduates should be able to accomplish in writing, and so might be used in upper division W-courses.

The Writer’s Personal Profile

Developed by Tracy Ann Robinson and Vicki Tolar Burton at Oregon State University, this tool offers a way for teachers to assess the learning of writing in a course, and get students to self-assess and reflect upon their writing abilities and goals. The site offers the tool to revise for individual uses, an article published about the practice, and some best practices.

The Paramedic Method

Developed originally by Richard Lanham in Revising Prose, this method for helping students revise individual sentences is easy to teach and use, even if you don't know grammar. 

A Handout on the Art of the Essay

This handout was made by Dr. Nathan J. Hoepner (Dept. of Military Science and Leadership) for his Military Science 192 course, American Military History 1607-2012. The course asks students for two essays, and a book review, of which this handout supports by explaining what an essay is for the course and how to go about drafting one. Its purpose is to help students understand and draft their essays and book reviews.