Teacher Resources

Student writingThe WAC program offers to, and solicits from, Fresno State faculty two kinds of resources. Each kind of resource is meant to offer ways to use writing in various courses for various reasons, as well as provide a variety of ways to read and respond to that writing.

Pedagogical and Theoretical Practices are mini-lessons on a pedagogical practice, or a short explanation of a practice that is flexible for a variety of courses, like responding to a particular kind of writing assignment, or conducting a workshop that focuses students on producing feedback just on the use of evidence. These documents provide a brief description and explanation of the practice.

Example Lessons and Assignments are actual lessons plans, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and assignment sheets that faculty have used to incorporate writing in their courses. These do not provide any explanations, except for what is offered in the assignment documents offered.

If you have a lesson, handout, or practice, you’d like to share with others, please query Asao B. Inoue.