WAC Workshops are designed for particular groups or departments who express interest in a single topic or writing problem. They are mostly hands-on and practical in nature. Each workshop can be one to seven hours in length, stretched over as many as three or four days. Typically, these details are collaboratively agreed upon. Workshops can be held almost any time during the semester.

While not comprehensive, the following list should provide an idea of the kind of topics these workshops may cover:

  • How to manage the writing paper workload in larger classrooms
  • How to teach grammar in small bits (or 10 short lessons on grammar)
  • Discovering the writing issues your students really have in our courses
  • Discovering what your faculty/department/unit really value in student writing
  • Alternatives to grading student writing
  • Responding to student writing
  • Structuring writing assignments 
  • Using program outcomes to evaluate student writing and assess programs
  • Articulating program outcomes and finding ways to assess them
  • Building writing rubrics for multiple uses
  • Conducting meaningful student writing groups and writing “workshops”
  • Helping students summarize material
  • Helping students structure their essays

If you have an idea for a workshop that you’d like to see offered, or would like to schedule a workshop for colleagues and/or your department, please contact Asao B. Inoue.

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