The WAC Seminar is held each semester. Department Chairs and College Deans nominate faculty each semester for the following semester’s seminar. Each WAC seminar:

  • Is approximately 8 weeks long
  • Meets every week for 2 hours
  • Provides a book on teaching writing in the various disciplines, which is used in the seminar
  • Awards $500 in development funds for each participant who completes the seminar
  • Engages faculty in rethinking and redesigning their current course writing materials
  • Offers a finals week get-together, where faculty report on any changes or uses of materials in their courses

Participating faculty are required to complete all the seminar's activities each week, mostly revisions to and reflections upon the writing materials they use in their courses. Faculty are also asked to informally report to the Special Assistant to the Provost for Writing Across the Curriculum during the semester after they complete their WAC seminar. This follow-up reporting is a way to find out how the changes in their pedagogy and writing component worked out. This can be done by email or face to face.

Date Time Location
Sept 6 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Sept 13 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Sept 27 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Oct 11 11 am - 2 pm HML 1222
Oct 25 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Nov 8 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Nov 15 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Nov 29 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222
Dec 6 11 am - 1 pm HML 1222

*All dates are on a Thursday. Lunch is provided.

Faculty Nominations

If you are a chair of a department or dean of a college and you wish to nominate a faculty member whom you think would be interested in and benefit from the WAC seminar, you may email Asao B. Inoue with the name, department, and email of the faculty member. In most cases, good nominees fit the following criteria:

  • The faculty is interested in learning about how to use writing assignments in courses to help students learn.
  • The faculty may have a history of using writing in various ways in his/her courses.
  • The faculty has expressed some interest in learning about new ways of using writing in his/her courses.
  • The faculty teaches GE, W, or some other course that requires writing to be assigned to students.