Classroom Observation

The WAC program offers classroom observations to any teacher who wishes them. An observation provides feedback on how writing is used in the classroom, as well as feedback and ideas on any materials given to students.The purpose of an observation can be determined by the instructor, but typically it offers a non-evaluative, specifically tailored, friendly method for cultivating new ideas for writing processes and assignments, and considers future ways to help students with the writing in the course.

Typically, an observation is scheduled in a semester on a day when a writing assignment is assigned, conducted, or discussed. A sample of what the students produce in writing is provided to the Special Assistant to the Provost on WAC for his reading. Finally, a follow-up meeting is scheduled with the instructor to discuss observations, student responses, and future possibilities. The process is designed to be non-evaluative, and is not oversight.

All observations are between the teacher and the Special Assistant to the Provost on WAC (the observer) only. Nothing goes into a teacher’s personnel file, and no record of the observation is kept officially, unless the teacher wishes something placed in her/his file. If you would like to schedule an observation, please contact Asao B. Inoue.