WAC Workshops

Looking At Student Writing: A Workshop on Reading and Responding Meaningfully to Student Writing

Duration: 1 hour

Needed: Email student paper (1-3 pages) and assigment details to ainoue@csufresno.edu one week before the workshop meeting. 

This workshop is a series that all faculty, TAs, and GAs are invited to join, and may take it multiple times, since each workshop looks at different student writing samples.

One week before the workshop date, participants email (ainoue@csufresno.edu) an electronic copy of:

  • one average student paper from a current or recent course they are teaching (or TAing),
  • any written assignment details and assessment criteria given to students (e.g., rubrics, assignment sheets, etc.)

The sample paper should be between 1-3 pages long (please no more than 3 pages), and be of average quality and substance (not stellar and not really bad). You may choose, however, a paper that poses a particularly issue in responding, grading, or evaluating. The paper can be a Word document or a scanned printout, but should have no markings on it. Copies will be made (without student information on the papers) and used in the workshop. During the hour long workshop, participants will read a few of these papers together (either in groups or as one large group), provide mock feedback to the student, then discuss the range of feedback provided.

The goal of the workshop is to consider what makes for meaningful feedback on writing to students, and strategies for helping students produce better writing.

NOTE: It is important to get students consent to use their work. Please attempt to get students' consent to use their anonymous work for these faculty development purposes, telling them that their writing will be treated with the utmost respect and care.