WAC Brown Bags

Open Discussion on Helping Students with Their Writing (What is Needed This Year?)

Date: Wed, Sept 19 at 12p-1p (HML 2108)

Duration: 1 hour

This brown bag is an informal discussion of what faculty and others would like to see from the WAC program, what help with using, responding to, evaluating, or grading writing in their courses might they find valuable. What are the issues they'd like to see discussed and perhaps acted upon this year?

The goal for this brown bag is to find ways that faculty think are value in helping their students with their writing this year and beyond. 

What Do You Want Writing Assignments to Do in Your Course (And How Can You Get Them to do it Better?)

Date: Tue, Oct 9 at 12p-1p (HML 1222)

Duration: 1 hour

This brown bag is an informal discussion that addresses ways that teachers might use to get students to do the kinds of things they want them to do in writing in their courses. The discussion begins with a few questions about what writing does in our classes when writing is assigned. From participants' responses, the discussion moves to possibilities for altering, tweaking, and changing writing assignments, or the contexts under which students complete writing assignments.

The goal of this brown bag is to invite discussion about what purposes we have for the writing in our courses and what alternative purposes there may be, while still achieving the results we want as teachers.

What are Grading Contracts and Why do They Help Students Write Better?

Date: Wed Nov 14 at 12p-1p (HML 2108)

Duration: 1 hour

This informal discussion will offer grading contracts as a possible way to grade writing (and perhaps other assignments) in a class. Some quantitative data will be offered to show how effective contracts have been for several years here at Fresno State in first year writing courses, as well as research dating back to the early 1970s on contracts in writing classrooms. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. A sample grading contract will be offered to anyone who wishes to have it.

The goal of this discussion is to consider the ways grading contracts, or any element of them, might be useful in grading writing in courses, while also encouraging better writing.

What Do Students Say About Teacher's Comments on Their Writing?

Date: Tue, Dec 4 at 12p-1p (HML 2108)

Duration: 1 hour

This informal discussion will focus on two short videos that interviewed students at Fresno State and Bunker Hill Community College. After watching the videos that show students discussing how they read and respond to teacher's comments on their writing, the discussion will open up to making observations about what can be learned from the comments.

The goal of this discussion is to understand how students perceive teachers' comments on their writing and what can be learned by teachers from these insights.