Central Valley Youth Financial
Literacy Initiative


Dr. Janice Peterson
Summer 2011



CERECC raised $75,000 in a gift to the College of Social Sciences from Wells Fargo to support CERECC's economic and financial education outreach to teachers in the Central Valley. The purpose of the Central Valley Youth Financial Literacy Initiative was to plan, develop and implement financial education training workshops for educators (133 in total) in schools (at the elementary, middle, and high school levels), with a particular focus on those that serve low-income student populations in the Central Valley. The workshops utilized Wells Fargo's financial education curriculum Hands on Banking and provided participants with an overview of recent research on the financial education needs of young people. The initiative seeked to organize and empower a network of educators willing and able to promote financial literacy among the Central Valley's youth. The Wells Fargo financial literacy projects -- while not research -- involved a large number of Fresno State students in work related to their chosen fields (education - a traditional emphasis of Fresno State).  Two students were involved in a very substantial way throughout the planning and implementation of the workshops (one of whom is this year's Dean's medalist for the Kremen School of Education) and seven additional students were involved as assistants at the workshops.