Faculty and Staff

Antonio Avalos, Associate Professor of Economics

Chair, Economics Department
Craig School of Business
Peters Business Building, Room 385B

Jenna Chilingerian, Program Coordinator, CRPC

Lyles Center, Room 200

Jenna Chilingerian is program coordinator for the Community and Regional Planning Center (CRPC). Established in 2012, CRPC is a joint venture at Fresno State between the College of Social Sciences, Department of Geography and City and Regional Planning, and Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED). CRPC utilizes Fresno State faculty, students and partners to serve the San Joaquin Valley through planning-related technical assistance and knowledge-sharing. Jenna coordinates and executes planning and sustainable communities-related programs, projects and collaboratives between Fresno State and the San Joaquin Valley including: StreetsAlive: a Walking and Bicycling Audit program in rural cities in Fresno and Kings Counties, the Urban and Regional Transformation Cohort at Fresno State, the San Joaquin Valley Planner’s Network, San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative, and San Joaquin Valley Regional Blueprint Toolkit. Jenna also attends Regional Planning Agency Director’s and Regional Policy Council meetings, sits on the Advisory Boards to the San Joaquin Valley Greenprint and San Joaquin Valley Energy and Economic Development committees, and is a member of the Community and Regional Planning Master’s Degree Committee at Fresno State. Prior to joining OCED in July 2014, Jenna served as a program assistant for the Center for Community Progress in Washington, D.C., working to create a community of practice around solving vacant property problems. This position brought her back to her hometown and to her family, several generations of proud Armenians. Jenna received her bachelor of arts in political science from University of California, Los Angeles in 2013; she minored in civic engagement.

Hongwei Dong, Assistant Professor of Geography

College of Social Sciences
Science Building, Room 172

Dr. Hongwei Dong earned his doctorate degree in Urban Studies in 2010 from Portland State University where he worked as a research associate in the Center for Urban Studies before joining the Geography Department in August 2011. His research interests include land use and transportation planning and modeling, smart growth, urban spatial structure, and application of quantitative analysis and GIS in urban studies and planning.

Mike Dozier, Executive Director, OCED

Office of Community & Economic Development
Lyles Center, Room 200B

Mike Dozier has been executive director of OCED since January 2009. OCED manages the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center, San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium, Smart Valley Places, and Fresno State Connect, a program which links the community to University schools and faculty. OCED also conducts the annual Introduction to Economic Development Certificate Program with the University Business Center and California Association for Local Economic Development. Prior to joining OCED, Mike was assistant to the city manager/planning director with the City of Livingston, from 1985-1987; redevelopment director with the City of Atwater, from 1987-1992; and director of Community and Economic Development with the City of Clovis, from 1992-2009.  Mike is a director on the following boards: San Joaquin Valley Workforce Funders Collaborative, California Association of Local Economic Development, and University Economic Development Association. He attended and graduated from Merced College and California State University, Stanislaus with honors (Summa Cum Laude).

Qin Fan, Assistant Professor of Economics

Craig School of Business
Peters Business Building, Room 319

Dr. Qin Fan earned her doctoral degree in Environmental and Regional Economics from Pennsylvania State University. Her research focuses on climate change impacts on household location choices and economic consequences. She conducts both empirical work and modeling work to simulate economic impacts due to climate-induced migration. Dr. Fan's previous and current work on climate change impacts and adaptation is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Dr. Fan enjoys interdisciplinary research that bridges economics, natural science, and engineering. She is published in the Journal of Transportation Research Board and has presented at many national and international conferences in the field of environmental economics, energy economics and climate change. Her research interests include environmental economics, applied econometrics, and nonmarket valuation. Dr. Fan devotes her passion to teaching, primarily urban and regional economics and environmental economics.

Alam Hasson, Professor of Chemistry

Chair, Chemistry Department
College of Science and Mathematics
Science Building, Room 250

Dr. Hasson earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Oxford University, and his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Birmingham University, United Kingdom. He then carried out postdoctoral research in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department at UCLA before joining the Chemistry department at Fresno State in 2001.

Alicia Iriberri, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Craig School of Business
Peters Business Building, Room 221

Dr. Alicia Iriberri joined Fresno State in fall 2013. She was assistant professor in management information systems at University Illinois, Springfield. She was visiting professor at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and teaches various MIS courses including management of information systems, business process integration, business intelligence, data warehousing, and database systems. Dr. Iriberri co-authored four journal articles in Electronic Government: An International Journal, Research in Computing Science, Decision Support Systems and ACM Computing Surveys. She also published 11 refereed proceedings. Her professional experiences include Manager of Strategic Information and Business Intelligence at Seguros Serfin Lincoln and Systems Engineer at IBM de Mexico. Dr. Iriberri holds a PhD in Information Systems and Technology and an Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico.

Chris Langer, Public Services, Henry Madden Library

Henry Madden Library

Sam Lankford, Professor of Recreation Administration

Chair, Recreation Administration
College of Health and Human Services
Professional/Human Services 121

Jesus Larralde-Muro, Associate Dean, Lyles College of Engineering

Transportation Engineering
Engineering East Building, Room 124

Ram Nunna, Dean, Lyles College of Engineering

Engineering East Building, Room 122

Jennifer Randles, Assistant Professor of Sociology

College of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Building, Room 225

Dr. Jennifer Randles earned her Master's and PhD from University of California, Berkeley. She taught for two years at Austin College before joining the faculty of California State University, Fresno in the fall of 2013. She specializes in the sociology of family, marriage, gender, social inequality, and qualitative methodologies. Her current research addresses how social and economic inequities affect American family life and how public policies address these intimate inequalities. Current research projects include qualitative investigations of government-supported relationship and marriage education programs for low-income couples, parenting skills and work support programs for low-income fathers, and how colleges and universities can best support student parents. She thoroughly enjoys teaching classes on family/marriage, race/ethnicity, research methods, childhood, and medicine/health and has advised numerous student research projects on family-related issues and internships in family-focused community benefit organizations.

Aly Tawfik, Assistant Professor of Civil and Geomatics Engineering

Lyles College of Engineering
Engineering East Building, Room 198

Dr.  Aly Tawfik is an assistant professor of Transportation Systems Engineering at Fresno State's Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses that include travel survey methods, transportation planning, transportation GIS, sustainable transportation systems and transportation econometrics. His research interests include modeling and simulation of travel behavior and transportation systems, with particular focus on the sustainability and future of our transportation systems. Examples of his active research projects include investigating implications of connected and automated vehicles, employing agents of artificial intelligence for optimization of transportation systems, exploring ramifications of food accessibility on human diet and health, and benchmarking low- and zero- emission vehicle technologies. Dr. Tawfik is an active member in the transportation community. He is the author of many peer-reviewed publications and a member on a number of national research committees; including the TRB’s Travel Survey Methods Committee, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications Committee, and Special Taskforce on Climate Change and Energy. Dr. Tawfik has experience working on transportation projects of varying scales in both developed as well as developing countries. His work experience ranges from working on local traffic impact studies, to national, regional and international transportation planning projects.

Rosa Toro, Assistant Professor of Psychology

College of Science and Mathematics
Science II Building, Room 355

Dr. Rosa Toro earned her doctorate degree in Psychology (Developmental Psychology emphasis) in 2010 from the University of California, Riverside. Before joining the Department of Psychology at Fresno State in July 2013, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher for the MacArthur Network on How Housing Matter for Families with Young Children at Tufts University. Her research interests are framed within an ecological systems perspectives and immigrant children and families. Specifically, some of her research interests are centered on the influence of housing (quality and crowding) in young children's development and the relationship involving neighborhood social process variables in the parenting-child outcomes link. 

Chih-Hao Wang, Assistant Professor of Geography

College of Social Sciences
Science Building, Room 154

Dr. Chih-Hao Wang received his Ph.D. (2013) and Master (2010) degrees in City and Regional Planning, The Ohio State University. Before joining the department in 2014, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the City and Regional Planning Section of the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Dr. Wang’s research focuses on environmental planning from the perspective of natural hazard mitigation. Another of his research interest is to apply spatial statistics to analyze spatial or social interactions in earthquake process, transportation planning, and water management.

Zhi Wang, Professor of Hydrology and Soil Physics

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
College of Science and Mathematics
Science II Building, Room 121

Dr. Zhi (Luke) Wang is Professor of Hydrology and Soil Physics at Fresno State in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and is the Coordinator of this GIS Certificate Program. Dr. Wang learned GIS in the 1990s and has been teaching the subject on campus since 2002. His PhD dissertation and many of his research involved many of the GIS applications, especially the 3-D, surface and geostatistical analyses. Dr. Wang participated in many ESRI user conferences, hands-on training sessions and user-model collaborations,  and presented as a speaker in several of California’s local GIS meetings. His GIS analysis maps on the Fresno River Monitoring project were adopted by the Madera County Library for display to the public.

Sarah Whitley, Assistant Professor of Sociology

College of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Building, Room 218

Dr. Sarah Whitley is currently a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at California State University, Fresno. Her research interests focus on food insecurity and hunger in rural and urban settings. She specifically evaluates how grocery retailing changes in the past twenty years have affected food access for low-income populations. Her data shows that grocery retailing has affected the shopping behaviors and patterns of residents, which also effects individual diet and health. She also discusses in her research how public policy is addressing the increasing hunger epidemic. She has published refereed conference papers and journals.

Wei Wu, Assistant Professor of Construction Management

Lyles College of Engineering
Engineering East Building, Room 132

Dr. Wei Wu is an assistant professor in the construction management program. He received his bachelor degree in civil engineering from Hunan University, China; a master degree in environmental science from University of Oxford in the UK, and a PhD degree in design, construction and planning from University of Florida in the US. Wei has been actively engaged in scholarly publication, funded research, innovative teaching and professional services. He has been publishing in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, on topics of BIM, green building design and construction, cloud computing and information modeling and construction education. He has also been the PI and Co-PI for several internal and external grants on projects that investigated climate change impacts on building performances and community infrastructure.

Pei Xu, Assistant Professor of Ag Business

Jordan College of Ag Sciences and Technology
Peters Business Building, Room 311

Dr. Pei Xu received a Master of Science in applied economics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and a PhD in agricultural economics from Purdue University. Her research focuses on consumer food purchase behavior and agribusiness management strategies. Dr. Xu is working with a group of food nutrition experts from Alaska to explore the feasibility of enhancing Alaskan salmon consumption in its rural school districts. Dr. Xu's recently funded research will support her and her team to investigate the possibility of helping California dairy farmers better use futures and options contracts to improve farm level profit. Dr. Xu enjoyed teaching undergraduate agribusiness courses. In the summer of 2012, she brought 14 agribusiness students to visit China's food production and processing facilities and toured Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing.

Xiaoming Yang, Staff, Geospatial Information Center

Henry Madden Library
Room 1130

Manoochehr Zoghi, Professor of Construction Management

Construction Management Program Coordinator
Lyles College of Engineering
Engineering East Building, Room 192