Urban and Regional Transformation Cohort

About Us

The Urban and Regional Transformation (URT) cohort at California State University, Fresno is a diverse group of faculty members who work as a team to develop research and strategies that support urban and regional transformation in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond. This group approaches the issues surrounding regional and urban change from a number of perspectives that overlap and complement each other in unique ways. The URT cohort includes faculty members with expertise in the areas of agricultural business, communication, computer science, economics, entrepreneurship, and urban and regional planning.


The mission of the URT cohort is to integrate and utilize the expertise of Faculty members at the California State University, Fresno to improve understanding of, and provide innovative responses to, urban and regional issues in the San Joaquin Valley. The cohort pursues its mission by (1) conducting interdisciplinary research that produces knowledge which contributes to meeting urban and regional challenges in the Valley and beyond; (2) collaborating with and providing service to local communities; and (3) training students in relevant fields with the ability to serve the transformation of the Valley.