The National Center for Academic Transformation

Title V in conjunction with the Vice-provost’s Office and the Center for the Scholarly Advancement of Teaching and Learning decided to work with the National Center for Academic Transformation to assist with course redesign efforts. NCAT staff provide training and on-going support to faculty who choose to engage in the course redesign process.

From the NCAT Website: NCAT is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the effective use of information technology to improve student learning outcomes and reduce the cost of higher education. NCAT provides expertise and support to institutions and organizations seeking proven methods for providing more students with the education they need to prosper in today’s economy.

Council for Aid to Education

Title V sponsored training to faculty provided by the Council for Aid to Education designed to create active learning exercises for classroom use. The goal of these active learning exercises is to enhance students’ critical thinking skills within the context of a each course.

From the CAE Website: The Council for Aid to Education (CAE) is a national nonprofit organization based in New York City. Initially established in 1952 to advance corporate support of education and to conduct policy research on higher education, today CAE is also focused on improving quality and access in higher education. The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) is central to that focus, a national effort to assess the quality of undergraduate education by directly measuring student learning outcomes. CAE also undertakes strategic planning for public university systems, states, and foreign nations. In addition, CAE conducts research on and promotes policy reforms in higher education.

Improving Student Writing Initiative (ISWI)

Title V sponsors faculty training and support for specific programs designed to assist faculty in improving student writing. As of Fall 2011, training and support for the ETS Criterion and Pearson My Writing Lab programs are being funded by Title V. These web-based writing programs provide students with varying levels of feedback and assistance in improving the basic “mechanics” of writing (e.g., punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement).

Service Learning

In conjunction with the Jan and Bub Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, Title V annually funds the development of at least two “S”-designated courses. Faculty interested in participating in this program may contact either the Title V office or the Richter Center. A request for proposals is sent to all faculty on the BullentinBoard listserv well in advance of proposal deadlines.

Excelencia in Education

Title V is working with Excelencia in Education as an external evaluator. In spring 2011, Deborah Santiago, Vice President for Policy and Research, made a presentation to campus faculty and administrative leadership, held an open forum for the campus, and consulted with Title V staff on an assessment plan. Excelencia staff will visit the campus again in 2013 to assist with the Title V mid-grant review.

For the Excelencia website: Excelencia in Education aims to accelerate higher education success for Latino students by providing data-driven analysis of the educational status of Latino students and by promoting education policies and institutional practices that support their academic achievement.