Faculty Resources

In addition to initial training and external support, Title V provides three on-campus staff to assist with the various academic initiatives on the Fresno State campus.

Dr. Rudy J. Sanchez is the Faculty Course Redesign Coordinator for Title V. In this half-time appointment, Rudy is responsible for coordinating faculty development workshops, program support, and assessment activities.

Chris Hernandez is a full-time researcher selected specifically to work on all Title V initiatives. Chris is available to assist faculty, staff, and administrators who are engaged in Title V programs. You may utilize his expertise in research design, program evaluation, and statistical analysis whether for internal use or publication preparation.

Sue Yang is a full-time instructional designer assigned to Title V. Sue can assist faculty with all aspects of course development and redesign. These resources are available to all faculty interested in furthering Title V goals. However, priority will be given to faculty who are actively engaged in training and other programs provided by Title V.

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