Accessible Syllabus Template and Instructions

The Syllabus Template ( was created in Word and structured so that it is fully accessible when saved to a PDF. This template was designed so that instructors could easily insert their information and be assured that their Syllabus meets accessibility requirements.

Consider a Syllabus Quiz

To ensure that your students have actually read your syllabus, consider giving them a Syllabus Quiz( The purpose of a Syllabus Quiz is to familiarize the student with the content of the syllabus, class calendar, rules, and so on. By requiring a Syllabus Quiz students are responsible for their own learning. They know where they can find the answers to questions about the course and are aware of the rules relating to the class.

By doing this, they know where to find the answers to questions such as:

What day is a particular assignment due?
How can I reach my professor?
Does my professor allow for extra credit work?