Workshop Descriptions

Blackboard Assessment Tools
This course is designed to help instructors create online tests, surveys and assignments, including SafeAssignment the automatic plagiarism detection system which works in conjunction with Blackboard. Participants will also gain an understanding of the Performance Dashboard and other features in Blackboard that allow instructors to track user progress. In addition the Adaptive Release features, which give instructors control over the release of content to students, will be presented.

Blackboard Grade Center
This workshop will introduce instructors to the basics of the completely redesigned Grade Center. Creating, modifying and grading assignments, giving feedback, creating categories, and weighting grades are some of the topics to be covered. Course participants will learn how to use the Grade Center to their advantage and enter scores more efficiently.

Blackboard Interactive Tools
In this course you will learn how to use the discussion boards, chat feature, virtual classroom and Blackboard email to effectively communicate in the online classroom. In addition, the Group feature will be covered, which provides instructors with the opportunity to easily set-up groups in Blackboard courses. The new Blog, Wiki and Journal tools, which are ideal for promoting active collaboration around course content and group projects, will also be presented.

Blackboard Startup
This is the first course in the Blackboard series and is designed to provide faculty/staff with an introduction to Blackboard version 9.1 Topics include an introduction to online learning and the basics of creating and developing a course in Blackboard. Course participants will learn how to set-up a course framework that meets the needs of their students and have the opportunity to upload materials. The Blackboard tools for assessment and interactivity will also be explored as well as the new content types available in version 9.1, which include YouTube, Flickr, and SlideShare Mash-Ups.

Collaborate (a web conferencing tool)
Blackboard Collaborate - a real-time Web conferencing and virtual classroom environment is designed for teaching, learning, and real-time collaboration. Using Collaborate, instructors can show PowerPoint presentations, share desktop applications, play multimedia, and much more. It can also be used for virtual office hours, student presentations or group work. Record your sessions for course review. Designed for new users, this training introduces you to the Collaborate environment, features, and functionality.

ePortfolio Basics using Pathbrite
Learn the basics of creating an ePortfolio using Pathbrite as well as how to use them in your course.

Making Your Documents Accessible
Giving students equal access to course materials is very important as well as anyone accessing Microsoft Office documents. This workshop will teach you how to create or edit existing documents so that they are accessible to all. Correctly formatting Microsoft Word documents will be covered as well as using Adobe Acrobat to create accessible documents.

Photography 1 - The Basics
Are your photos often times blurry? Too dark? Too Light? This workshop will deal with the exposure triangle (ISO/sensor, aperture, and shutter speed) and how it affects your photographs. Also there will be a discussion on how lens selection affects your photos. This TILT course seeks to deal with these issues in a practical, easy to understand matter and to be applicable to all camera types. This TILT workshop is designed for faculty but is open to staff as well.

Photography 2 - Composition
This class will help you to move your photography up a notch. TILT instructors will discuss and demonstrate various composition tips, including horizon placement, rule of thirds, leading lines, s-curves, and other topics in regards to better photographic compositions. There will also be a discussion about light and it's properties as it relates to photography. This TILT workshop is designed for faculty but is open to staff as well.

Photography: Using Your iPhone/iPad
This TILT presentation will take a look at using an iPhone or iPad for photography. The presentation will include a look at the photographic capabilities of the devices, methods and tools for getting the best photos, an overview of some of the more popular photography apps, and a discussion of getting the photos off of the device and into your Blackboard course or onto the web.

Photoshop Basics
This introductory TILT workshop to Adobe Photoshop will give the attendee an overview to the program interface and Photoshop's basic functions. Through a series of small projects the student will become acquainted with using the programs tools, making basic selections, performing minor adjustments to photos, and using type within Photoshop. In addition there will be a discussion of file types, how to save a photo for the web, and where to get further help and training. This TILT workshop is designed for faculty but is open to staff as well.

Photoshop Intermediate
Building upon the skills learned in the Basics workshop, the attendee will learn advance selection techniques, how to work with layers and filters, advanced photo editing with layers, and how to use gradients and layer effects. In addition advanced type effects will be discussed in this TILT workshop. Prerequisite: Photoshop Basics or permission of the instructor. This TILT workshop is designed for faculty but is open to staff as well.

Qualtrics - The Basics
This hands-on workshop will give you the basic skills for using the Qualtrics survey tool. By the end of the workshop you will be able to create, activate, and view results of a basic survey.