escholar_badgeeScholars @ Fresno State

To enhance and improve the online course offerings at Fresno State by supporting faculty members in the development of online experiences.


Applications for Spring 2016 are now closed.

The eScholar Program is designed to support faculty in the development of online courses (80 – 100% online). Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate, a digital badge, and $2,500 in professional development funds.

Participating faculty will attend a number of professional development activities, including group meetings and group discussions (in person and virtually). Each participant will be assigned an Instructional Designer and other TILT staff support as needed to complete the project and ensure accessibility of instructional materials. Since the stipend is for participation in project-based professional development activities, it does not constitute extraordinary support under the Interim Intellectual Property Policy #540. Faculty members retain ownership rights of all content created.

Frequently asked questions regarding the eScholars Program

  • Can adjunct faculty apply? Yes
    Any faculty member can apply to these opportunities. There does need to be some indication from your department chair that you are likely to teach the course the semester following completion of the program.
  • Is there a difference between an online learning module and an online course? Yes
    The training and deliverables for Boot Camp participants are different from developing an online course in the eScholars program. An online module developed in the Boot Camp program can be utilized as supplemental to course content and/or in lieu of face to face content.
  • If I was a previous eScholar or participated in Summer Academy can I apply to Boot Camp? No
    Faculty members who apply and are accepted into the eScholars or Summer Academy programs are not eligible to apply for Boot Camp, as they will have the competencies to develop online content for other courses.
  • Can faculty apply to the Teaching Innovations Summer Academy if they have participated in Boot Camp and/or eScholars? Yes
    However, content developed in the Boot Camp or eScholars program cannot be duplicated as part of the summer academy.
  • Can faculty apply to the eScholars if they have participated in the Teaching Innovations Summer Academy? Yes
    However, content developed in the summer academy cannot be duplicated as part of the eScholars program.
  • After I submit my online application is there anything else I need to do? Yes
    Only if you do not get a confirmation email that your application has been received. if you don't get a confirmation from someone withing 24-48 hours of submitting your application, please contact Bryan Berrett (
  • Are faculty members accepted into these programs expected to attend Blackboard trainings? Yes
    All faculty members should have up to date Blackboard trainings if they have not already done so.

Addressing the Strategic Plan for Excellence IV

Since 2008 the eScholars program has been transforming online course offerings through an active Faculty Development Program. In keeping with the President's Strategic Plan for Excellence, this program directly addresses the Vision, Mission and Core values outlined in the strategies found in Theme 1.

Theme 1: Enhance the Student Learning Environment

  • Support the faculty in utilizing innovative pedagogy, online delivery systems and emerging technological tools that enhance learning effectiveness.
  • Investment in technology that encourages and enhances exceptional teaching.
  • Instructional support teams to assist faculty with enhancing learning.