Summer Academy

Program Overview

The purpose of the Teaching Innovations Academy is to provide an intensive learning and planning experience with fellow faculty and support staff. Together we will transform a part of your selected course that will improve student learning and engagement.

Fresno State is beginning to evaluate course redesign models that demonstrate effective practices while preserving or enhancing student learning and student/faculty satisfaction. More information is needed to determine best practices for our campus.


  • Demonstrate innovative and pedagogically sound practices to enhance student learning outcomes in a variety of course formats.
  • Pilot a redesigned course that incorporates the use of technologies and innovative instructional practices.
  • Implement, under normal circumstances, successful pilot models across all sections of the course, within one year of the newly redesigned course roll-out. Collect data on the effect of faculty and staff resources, workload, attitudes, and teaching methods required to support the new model.
  • Collect data to evaluate the effect of the course transformation on student learning.
  • Explore ways in which the above information can be leveraged by faculty into various research projects or publications.
  • Collect data to evaluate the fiscal impact of the course transformation.