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International Organization for Developmental Entrepreneurship (IODE)

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The International Organization for Developmental Entrepreneurship (IODE) is an up-and-coming non-profit organization with the holistic goal of helping citizens in developing communities. While it is universally understood that entrepreneurship spurs job creation, increases disposable income, improves morale, and more, it is somewhat less known that many people have never had the opportunity to learn the basic skills necessary for being an entrepreneur. Our goal is to bridge this gap, by teaching these aspiring individuals on how to run a business, draft a business plan, access microcredit loans, balance budgets, file for intellectual property rights, and more.

As becomes immediately apparent, this increase in income also means more tax revenue for local governments, which means more investment in human capital (health, education, and infrastructure). This positive cycle is key for developing communities to achieve long-term success.

 It is our duty as compassionate, educated individuals to do something about this injustice. As Einstein put it, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

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Nico De Young

Tripsidize™ is built by students, for students to make their travel dreams a reality. As students ourselves we know the cost of travel is daunting. After adding up transportation cost, program fees, activities, and meals many students get discouraged or afraid: putting off their travel plans...or canceling them all together.

Tripsidize™ is a smart, secure, online tool to help you utilize your social network in a way you may never have imagined. Bringing traditional fundraising into the 21st century, we have created a simple, engaging platform for students to run campaigns that incite their family, friends, and acquaintances to support their educational travel. Our mission is two fold, with the first being quite simple: to provide you—the student—with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve the wildest of your educational travel goals. The second is loftier, but we have teamed up with Generation Study Abroad to get it done. In five years we want to double the number of American students studying abroad to 600,000. Whether you are a student dreaming about studying abroad, or want to participate in a mission trip, or are traveling to teach language in a foreign country; Tripsidize™ will get you there!

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Broadway Motion DesignBroadway Motion Design

Quentin Sanford

Broadway Motion Design is changing the world of musical theatre by developing and distributing scenic projections to amateur theatre groups worldwide. Scenic projections replace traditional painted backdrops and enhance the theatre experience with interactive visual engagement.

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Infinite 3D Solutionsinfinite3d

Sebastian Stafford

Infinite 3D Solutions provides 3D scanning & printing services, which includes scanning of people, pets, or objects and printing them into personalized 3D miniatures in an option of various sizes and materials.

Customers have the ability to schedule a scanning appointment by telephone or online. A scanning expert will be dispatched on the scheduled day to the agreed location. scans typically take 3-7 minutes per person.

Infinite 3D solutions cleans the scan data and sends it off to the printer. Once the print passes quality checks, it is then delivered to the customer. Customers can choose from a selection of options including: 3" Micro-me, 4" Mini-me, 6" 3D-me, 8" Tall-me, 10" Mega-me, Cake Toppers for weddings, Birthdays etc. 

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Valley Prototypingvalley proto

Shervin Zoghi 

Valley Prototyping provides high quality rapid prototypes, engineering analysis, computer aided modeling, and patent advisement, all at an affordable cost.

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Casa De Flores Tamales

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