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Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology

Ensuring Abundant and Safe Food and Fiber for Our Nation and the World

The Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology utilizes real-world applications of science, technology and engineering to ensure an abundant supply of safe food and fiber for our nation and the world. 

We train students and conduct research using all disciplines to achieve these goals.  For example, students use microbiology, chemistry, engineering and sensory evaluation to make award-winning wines in our commercially bonded winery.  Students are trained to use insect and disease monitoring and statistical analysis to observe the development of detrimental insects and diseases in crop production systems.  This information is combined with integrated pest management protocols to implement control measures including bio-control with minimal environmental impact. 

Food scientists rely on chemistry, microbiology and engineering to process and add value to the over 300 crops and animals produced in the Central Valley.  Soil and water health and quality depend upon cutting edge applications of physics, chemistry and soil microbiology. 

Faculty in the college are engaged in research that relies on STEM disciplines to solve current and emerging problems in crop and animal production, the food system, the impact of food on health, and water and natural resource management.  This research provides unique experiences for our student to engage in discoveries which makes a difference in our community. 

Charles Boyer, DeanVisit our website to learn more about how our College supports STEM.

Dean Sandra Witte
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