Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee shall be the deliberative body of the faculty on student affairs and services including but not limited to admissions, advising, counseling, evaluations, records, student discipline, student government, student organization, students with disabilities, financial aid, student orientation programs, facilities planning and other matters related to student activities.

To view the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf) .

Committee Members

  • Marianne Jackson (Chair)- (Science & Mathematics)
  • Alicia Iriberri- (E&HD)
  • Nancy Nisbett -(Health & Human Services)
  • David Drexler - (Library)
  • Fariborz M. Tehrani- (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Richard Wanjema - (Arts and Humanities)
  • Balaji Sethuramasamyraja -(Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology)
  • Leslie Weiser -(SSP-AR/Psychological Services)
  • Gil Kim -(Craig School of Business)
  • Carolyn Coon -(Ex-Officio)
  • Anthony Farnesi -(Student)
  • Moses R. Menchaca -(Student)
  • Aman Gill -(Student)


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