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Academic Standards & Grading Subcommittee

The Academic Standards and Grading Subcommittee is a Standing Subcommittee of the Academic Policy and Planning Committee (AP&P). It is charged with monitoring the maintenance of academic, instructional, and grading standards appropriate to courses offered by the University.

To view the entire committee charge please, go to this link(pdf).

Committee Members

  • Kathleen Dyer(Chair) - (2021) (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology)
  • Doreen DeLeon - (2022) (College of Science & Mathematics)
  • Cecelia Mendoza - (2020) (Kremen School of Education and Human Development)
  • Bernadette Muscat - (Ex-Officio)
  • Aaron Stillmaker - (2022) (Lyles College of Engineering)
  • Katherine Fobear - (2021) (College of Social Sciences)
  • Silvana Polgar  - (2021) (College of Arts and Humanities)


Date Minutes Resources
02/02/2018 Minutes  
09/29/2017 Minutes  
04/07/2017 Minutes  
03/08/2017 Minutes  
10/06/2016 Minutes  


Prior Minutes