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Senate Members

*Member of the Executive Committee

*HOLYOKE, Thomas (Chair)  - (Political Science)

*HART, Bradley (Vice Chair)(Media, Communications & Journalism)

ADAMS, Maj. Patricia - (Aerospace Studies)

ALEXANDROU, Alex - (Industrial Technology)

BOHLIN, Carol Fry - (Curriculum and Instruction) 

BOTTS, Tina - (Philosophy)

BOTWIN, Michael  - (Psychology)

BRYANT, Lisa - (Universitywide)

BURGER, Lance - (Mathematics)

CADY, Daniel - (History)

CHANDA, Neelam - (Nursing)

CHOWDHURY, Neil - (Art & Design)

CRONIN, Travis - (Social Work Education)

CULBERTSON, Avery - (Animal Science and Ag Education)

CUPERY, Tim - (Sociology)

DANGI, Mohan - (Geography and City and Regional Planning)

DE WALT, Patrick - (Liberal Studies)

DER MUGRDECHIAN, Barlow  - (Armenian Studies)

ELLIS, Margaret - (Plant Science)

FUSICH, Monica - (Library)

GILEWICZ, Magdalena - (English)

GOLDEN, Melissa - (Universitywide)

GREAVES, Mandy - (Counselor Education and Rehabilitation) 

GUERRA, Cynthia - (Nursing)

HALL, Ray - (Physics)

HAMMONS, Amber - (Child, Family & Consumer Sciences)

HENSON, Chris  - (English)

HOOSHMANDRAD, Partow - (Music)

JENKINS, Michael G.  - (Statewide)

*KENSINGER, Loretta - (Women Studies)

KIM, Gil - (Economics)

LANKFORD, Sam - (Recreation Administration)

LAW, Deify - (Mechanical Engineering)

LEWIS, Dawn - (Kinesiology)

LONE, Todd A. - (Agribusiness)

LUO, Yupeng (Vivien) - (Construction Management) 

MARTINEZ, Primavera L. - (ASI)

MCBEE, Kerry - (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

*MIELE, Jennifer - (Finance and Business Law)

MUCHALSKI, Hubert- (Chemistry) 

MULLOOLY, James - (Anthropology)

PARRA, Fernando - (Accountancy)

POOYA, Shabnam - (Food Science and Nutrition)

*RAM, Melanie - (Universitywide)

*RAYA-FERNANDEZ, Rebecca  - (Student Services Prof -AR)

RICHAUD, Mathieu - (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

SANDI-DIAZ, Gina- (Theatre Arts) 

SANCHEZ, Ramon - (Chicano and Latin American Studies)

SANMARTIN, Paula - (Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

*SCHLIEVERT, Susan  - (Statewide)

SCOTT, Judith - (Communication)

SHEPHERD, Michael A. - (Linguistics)

SINGH, Bhupinder - (Physical Therapy)

SMITH-WARSHAW, Janice- (Communicative Disorders & Deaf Studies)

SUN, (Qun) Kristy - (Viticulture & Enology)

TAWFIK, Aly - (Civil & Geomatics Engineering)

TEYARACHAKUL, Sunantha - (Information Systems and Decision Sciences)

TURNBULL, Patricia - (Marketing and Logistics)

VAN CAMP, Tinneke - (Criminology)

*WACK, Demi - (ASI President)

WAKABAYASHI, John - (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

WATSON, Jennifer- (Educational Leadership)

WILSON, Todd - (Computer Science)

YOUN, Hwan - (Biology)

YUN, Cathy - (Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education)


Non-voting Ex-Officio Members

*CASTRO, Joseph (President)

*HARPER, Robert (Interim Provost)

VACANT (Political Science - During Chair's Tenure)

WISE, Wes - (Communication - During Vice Chair's Tenure)

SCHMIDTKE, Jim (Standing Committee - Budget Committee Chair)

BARRERA, Iran (Standing Committee - Committee for Faculty Equity and Diversity) (CFED)

CHADLEY, James (Standing Committee - General Education)

AUSTIN, (Darnell) Don (Standing Committee - Nominating/Elections Committee) 

 TSUKIMURA, Brian (Standing Committee - Personnel Committee Chair)

JACKSON, Marianne (Standing Committee - Student Affairs Committee)

WILSON, Marilyn (Standing Committee - University Graduate Committee)

 LAMAS, Frank (Student Affairs Dean)


 * Members of the Executive Committee


Athletics Department (2 Senators)

Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Curriculum and Instruction


Military Science

Political Science Ex-officio



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