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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you schedule conference rooms?

No. Contact a department, College, USU Scheduling Office, University Business Center, or Smittcamp Alumni House to reserve a conference room. (See "Other Offices").

Do you schedule computer labs?

No. Contact a Department, College, or INTERESC. (See "Other Offices").

Does your office rent out classrooms or outdoor spaces to the public / NPOs / non-campus entities?


Do you schedule outdoor lawn areas?

Yes; only to campus entities, and mainly Maple Mall and O'Neill Park. To inquire about a specific outdoor space, contact our office. Student groups and clubs must go through the Student Involvement: Activities & Leadership office (See "Other Offices").

Are food/drinks allowed in the classrooms?


Do you reserve classrooms / outdoor spaces for campus student clubs / groups?

Please contact the Student Involvement: Activities & Leadership office. (See "Other Offices").

Who do I contact if there is a problem with a classroom?

  • AC/Heating -- Plant Operations, (559) 278.2373
  • Missing chairs/tables/lectern/podium -- Warehouse, (559) 278.2139
  • Tech equipment -- Classroom & Video Services, (559) 278.2674

Do you schedule campus tours?

No. Contact the University Outreach Services office, (559) 278.8236, or visit their website for more information.



When is the class schedule due to the Scheduling Office?

  • Fall schedule = 1st week in February
  • Spring schedule = 1st week in September

    NOTE: Your college dean's office will have an earlier deadline for class schedules

When is APDB/FAD due to the Scheduling Office?

  • Fall = after Fall census date - 1st week in October
  • Spring = after Spring census date - 1st week in March

What is a "CS Number"?

A Course Classification Number (CS #); "C" stands for "Classroom" and "S" stands for "Supervision." This data element identifies a particular mode of instruction for a resource segment activity.

(See List of CS Numbers.)