About Us

Researchers and Critical Educators (RACE) is an organization dedicated to providing voice and support at California State University, Fresno to achieve the following goals:

  • To develop and implement a variety of research, scholarly, educational, and intellectual support activities and programs for all faculty, staff, and administrators interested in issues of diversity ~ including race, ethnicity, culture, social class, linguistic diversity, gender, religion, ableness, and orientation.
  • To effectively represent and promote a research and intellectual climate that is sensitive, representative, and fair to everyone on campus.
  • To build strong, effective, formal, and regular communication and programmatic input to relevant administrative offices and committees.
  • To build strong, effective linkages with the surrounding community for the purpose of advancing and disseminating scholarly work and collaboration.
  • To create a social support network to build partnerships and personal friendships among the members of the organization.
  • To encourage and empower individuals in the organization to become more actively involved in important university, community, professional, service, and leadership activities witih the purpose of creating a more harmonious and diverse community.