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Enrollment Process

Please note the following:

  • Your application will be placed on the waiting list for one academic year, effective April 1 to March 30.
  • If you want services for the next academic year, you MUSTrenew your application in person during the month of March.
  • If you do not update/renew by March 31st your application is placed in an inactive file and you will no longer be on the waiting list.
  • You will be contacted once we have an opening for your child.

Enrollment Priorities

It is our goal to serve as many California State University, Fresno student families as possible while providing high quality care and education services for children enrolled in the program.

Enrollment priorities are determined by a waiting list.  Individual families may apply for services at any time during the year, but must renew their application each March. Applications that are not renewed for the upcoming academic year are placed in an inactive file and taken off the waiting list.

Applications are considered in the following order, dependent upon eligibility:

  1. Currently enrolled returning families and siblings, if eligible.
  2. New applications from families who are eligible for subsidized services in order of the highest ranking using ranking criteria established by the State Department of Education.

After enrollment of all eligible student families (both returning and new) consideration is next given to:

  1. Student families receiving subsidies from other sources (e.g. Supportive Services, PACE, Fresno County, DSS).
  2. Student families willing and able to pay the full fee.

After student families have been enrolled, consideration is then given to:

  1. California State University, Fresno faculty and staff.
  2. Community members.


When a position becomes available, you are notified by telephone. You are required to provide requested documentation regarding your financial and educational needs.


If you have any questions please call 278-0225 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.