Student Demographics

  1. Headcount by Gender
  2. Headcount by Gender and Class Level
  3. Headcount by Gender, Class Level and Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  4. Headcount by Gender, College & Department and Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate/Graduate
  5. (Figure) Percentage by Race/Ethnicity
  6. Headcount by Race/Ethnicity
  7. Headcount of New Students by Race/Ethnicity
  8. Headcount by Race/Ethnicity and Class Level
  9. Headcount by Race/Ethnicity, Undergraduate & Postbaccalaureate/Graduate and Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  10. Undergraduate Headcount by Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  11. Postbaccalaureate & Graduate Headcount by Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  12. Headcount by College, Department, Race/Ethnicity, Undergraduate & Postbaccalaureate/Graduate
  13. International Students by Country of Citizenship
  14. International Students by Class Level and Country of Citizenship
  15. International Students by Gender and Country of Citizenship
  16. (Figure) International Students by College
  17. Headcount by Residence (Table and Figure)
  18. Total Headcount By Age
  19. Undergraduate Headcount by Age
  20. Postbaccalaureate/Graduate Headcount by Age
  21. New Undergraduates by Parents' Education
  22. New Undergraduates Dependent on Family Income
  23. New Undergraduates Independent of Family Income
  24. Top 20 Feeder Schools for Undergraduates
  25. Top 20 Feed Schools for Graduate Programs 
  26. Number and Percent of Pell Grant Eligible New Undergraduates