Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology SOAPs


Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Agricultural Business, BS Todd Lone 10-2019
Agricultural Education, BS Rosco Vaughn  
Animal Science, BS  Randy Perry 10-2019
Animal Science, MS  Amanda Mckeith  
Child, Family,& Consumer Sciences, BA  Katie Dyer 10-2015
Fashion Merchandising, BS  Katie Dyer 10-2015
Food Science and Nutrition, BS  Shabnam Pooya 8-2018
Family Science Option, CFCS  Katie Dyer 8-2016
Industrial Technology, BS  Daming Zhang 10-2019
Industrial Technology, MS  Arun Nambiar 10-2019 
Plant Science, BS  Dave Goorahoo  
Plant Science, MS  Sharon Benes  
Enology, BS Sanliang Gu 10-2019
Viticulture, BS Sanliang Gu 10-2019
Viticulture and Enology MS Sanliang Gu 12-2013