College of Health and Human Services SOAPs


Department / Program Coordinator Date Updated
Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies, BA Stephen Roberts  8-2016
Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies, MA Stephen Roberts 8-2016
Kinesiology, BS Michael Coles 8-2014
Kinesiology, MA Jenelle Gilbert 8-2014
Nursing, BS Janine Spence 10-2014

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Assessment Notes

Kammi Sayaseng 3-2019
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Nursing   5-2019
Physical Therapy, DPT Jennifer Roos 9-2015
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program   5-2019
Public Health, BS Miguel Perez 12-2013
Public Health, MPH Mohammad Rahman  
Recreation Administration Jason Whiting  
Social Work Education, BA Gynesh Lama 10-2015
Social Work Education, MSW Gynesh Lama 10-2015