SOAPs (Student Outcomes Assessment Plan)

Program SOAPs

Fresno State program SOAPs are posted online to demonstrate that all programs have a current and workable SOAP and to facilitate faculty sharing of assessment resources and expertise. By learning from each other, we can make conducting outcomes assessment easier and more useful for everyone.

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Agricultural Business, BS Todd Lone  
Agricultural Education, BS Roscoe Vaughn  
Animal Science, BS Randy Perry  
Animal Science, MS Art Parham  
Child Development, BS Katie Dyer  
Enology, BS Sanliang Gu  
Family & Consumer Sciences, BA Katie Dyer  
Food Science and Nutrition, BS Dennis Ferris  
Family Science Option, CFCS    
Industrial Technology, BS Daming Zhang  
Industrial Technology, MS Arun Nambiar  
Plant Science, BS Dave Goorahoo  
Plant Science, MS Sharon Benes  
Viticulture, BS Sanliang Gu  
Viticulture and Enology, MS Kaan Kurtural  
College of Arts & Humanities
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Art & Design, BA Paula Durette  
Art & Design, MA Stephanie Ryan  
Art & Design (Credential)    
Creative Writing, MFA Connie Hales  
Communication, BA Robert Powell  
English, BA Lisa Weston  
English, MA Toni Wein  
English/Creative Writing, MFA Connie Hales  
French, BA Rose Marie Kuhn  
Interior Design, BA    
Linguisitics, BA Sean Fulop  
Linguistics, MA Sean Fulop  
Mass Communication & Journalism, BA Kathy Adams  
Music, BA, MA Tony Mowrer  
Philosophy, BA Vincent Biondo  
Spanish, BA Gloria Medina-Sancho  
Spanish, MA Yolanda Doub  9-2014
Theatre Arts, BA Kathleen McKinley  
Craig School of Business
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Business, BS Kathy Moffitt  
Economics, BA VaNee Van Vleck  
Master of Business Administration (MBA and eMBA) Kathy Moffitt  
Lyles College of Engineering
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Civil Engineering, BS Ching Choo/Jesus Larralde  
Civil Engineering, MS William Wright/Jesus Larralde  11-2014
Computer Engineering, BS Nell Papavasiliou/Nagy Bengiamin  
Computer Engineering, MSE (MSE-CompE)  Reza Raeisi  
Construction Management, BS Brad Hyatt  
Electrical Engineering, BS Nell Papavasiliou/Nagy Bengiamin  
Electrical Engineering, MSE (MSE-EE)  Reza Raeisi  
Geomatics Engineering, BS Riadh Munjy  
Mechanical Engineering, BS Michael Jenkins  
Mechanical Engineering, MS Michael Jenkins  
College of Health and Human Services
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator Option    
Communicative Disorders & Deaf Studies, BA & MA Fran Pomaville  
Kinesiology, BS Justine McAlpine  8-2014
Kinesiology, MS Jenelle Gilbert  
Nursing, BS Danette Dutra  10-2014
Doctor of Nursing Practice    10-2014
Physical Therapy, DPT Cheryl Hickey  9-2014
Public Health, BS Miguel Perez  12-2013
Public Health, MPH Helda Pinzon-Perez  
Recreation Administration, BS Michael Mahoney  
Social Work Education, BA Debra Harris  
Social Work Education, MSW Debra Harris  
College of Science & Mathematics
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Biochemistry, BS Alam Hasson/Joy Goto 11-2014
Biology, BS Madhusudan Katti  
Biology, MS Madhusudan Katti  
Biomedical Physics, BS Ray Hall  
Biotechnology, MBt    
Chemistry, BS, BA Eric Person & Saeed Attar  6-2014
Chemistry, MS Alam Hasson/Joy Goto  6-2014
Computer Science, BS Todd Wilson  9-2014
Computer Science, MS Todd Wilson 9-2014
Environmental Science, BS Pete Van de Water 9-2014
Geology, BS Mathieu Richaud  7-2014
Geology, MS Mathieu Richaud  
Mathematics, BA Marie Nogin  
Mathematics, MA Marie Nogin  
Natural Sciences, BA David Andrews  11-2014
Physics, BS Gerardo Munoz  
Physics, MS Gerardo Munoz  
Psychology, BA Ron Yockey  
Psychology, MA Lorin Lachs  
Ed.S. in School Psychology Marilyn Wilson  
College of Social Sciences
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
Africana Studies, BA Meta Schettler  9-2014
Anthropology, BA John Pryor  
Chicano & Latin American Studies, BA Ramon Sanchez  
Criminology, BS Yoshiko Takahashi  
Criminology, MS George Kikuchi  
Geography, BA Michelle Calvarese  
History, BA Melissa Jordine  9-2014
History, MA Bradley Jones  8-2014
Political Science, BA Thomas Holyoke  
Political Science, MA Kurt Cline  
Sociology, BA Debbie Helsel  
Women's Studies, BA Loretta Kensinger  
ProgramCoordinatorDate Updated
General Education Andrew Lawson  
Smittcamp Family Honors College Saeed Attar  
Henry Madden Library Monica Fusich