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Pathbrite Program ePortfolios

Pathbrite Logo and Description


Fresno State has adopted Pathbrite which is an ePortfolio system that can be used in courses to have students submit artifacts or entire ePortfolios (collections of artifacts). If you are an instructor and you want to use Pathbrite in our own course(s), even if you will be evaluating some of the student work for assessment purposes, you do NOT need to have a program ePortfolio set up and should instead contact JoLynne Blake ( in The Center for Faculty Excellence (formerly TILT) for assistance.

Program ePortfolios:

Pathbrite has also developed a feature called Program ePortfolios that can be used by departments/programs to have students submit specific artifacts or assignments over an extended period of time. Essentially a Program ePortfolio is an entity in Pathbrite in which any current Fresno State students can either be enrolled by faculty or be given an access code so that they can self-enroll. The Program ePortfolio has NO end date, unlike course based ePortfolios, so students can be enrolled and continue to access it after the end of a specific academic semester or year. The department/program sets up a template indicating what specific assignments or artifacts it wants students to submit and they do so and the department/program can then access these submissions indefinitely. Students who submit assignments can view and replace their own assignments but cannot view submissions by other students.

ePortfolio Program Picture


One faculty member should be designated to manage the Program ePortfolio. If the person the department has designated to oversee the Program ePortfolio changes, the department can request that a new individual or individuals be in charge of the Program ePortfolio. Departments who create Program ePortfolio’s for evaluation or assessment purposes can attach outcomes and a rubric to the assignment and can work with OIE to set up links to surveys or forms where multiple reviewers can provide evaluations of student work. The faculty member who requested the Program ePortfolio will be contacted and will need to set up a thirty minute training session with either Melissa Jordine or JoLynne Blake. Please click on the link to the Qualtrics survey below and complete the form, a copy will be sent electronically to the Chair of the Department for approval, and once approved the Program ePortfolio will be set up.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Melissa Jordine (