Assessment of Learning

Information and resources in the Assessment section of this site are intended to help make assessing learning in programs easier to do and the results more useful to faculty. In addition to the links on these pages, be sure to check Assessment Help in the menu on the right.


SOAP and Annual Report Reviews Presentation

Dr. Nagy Bengiamin's complete presentation on the Learning Assessment Team's SOAP and Annual Review process presented at the Fall 2011 Assessment Coordinators Meeting, September 9, 2011.

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Annual Report to the Provost

The annual report to the Provost is due at the end of the spring semester. In order to help you respond to the Learning Outcomes section of the report, the Learning Assessment Team (LAT) has put together this sample report.

Learning Assessment Team

The Learning Assessment Team (LAT), formed in 2009, aims to strengthen outcomes assessment across the campus both in quality and ease of implementation by promoting and facilitating the sharing of resources, best practices, expertise, and assessment experiences. This collaborative approach is intended to reduce labor, raise the overall quality of assessment, support Assessment Coordinators, and recognize and utilize faculty with discipline- or methods-specific assessment expertise. Members provide feedback to the Provost and departments on the status of programs' assessment.

GE Outcomes and Program Review

Assessment Blog


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Presidents' Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability

In 2011, Fresno State joined the Presidents' Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability. Members of this national initiative commit to gathering, reporting on, and using evidence to improve student learning. Click here to see Fresno State's specific commitments. Fresno State data, research, assessment, and evaluation information and reports can be seen throughout the OIE website.

Lessons Learned

Examples of how Fresno State faculty are using learning assessment results to improve programs and help students succeed. (All documents are in PDF)

Training and Assistance


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Other On-Campus Resources



  • Does Assessment Matter? What the Engineers Saypdf format
    This study was conducted by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET)
  • Assessment for LearningQuicktime Video Icon
    Dr. Bill Moore, long-time Assessment Coordinator for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges talks about assessment as intrusion and as teaching. (video, 5:46 minutes)

Sources to Consider for Publication

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