Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for a 2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Grant. These grants provide up to $1,000 in financial support to undergraduate students who work closely with a faculty member to conduct research, engage in field studies, create projects in their discipline, or participate in similar scholarly/creative activities. Students may either design their own project or work on a professor's project. Either way, students must work closely with a faculty mentor. Students are encouraged to contact faculty in preparation for making a proposal.

To be eligible, a student must

  • be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student with at least two semesters remaining before they will earn their degree
  • be in good academic standing
  • show substantial initiative in the project, and
  • have a faculty mentor who is willing to work with the student.

Faculty mentors must

  • be full-time faculty
  • be willing to work closely with the undergraduate student on the project
  • have knowledge/expertise in the area of project to be completed, and
  • demonstrate ability to effectively mentor an undergraduate student.

Projects from all majors are eligible. A student may apply for only one grant per academic year.


Completed Applications are due Friday, April 24th, 2015 to Associated Students, Inc. Office M/S SU-32, USU Room 317. Students and faculty will be notified of award on or after June 15, 2015.

Research Grant Information and Documentation

What is an Undergraduate Research Grant?



Application Instructions

Evaluation Rubric



Undergraduate Research Awardees

  • CAH - College of Arts and Humanities
  • CSB - Craig School of Business
  • CHHS - College of Health and Human Services
  • CSM - College of Science and Mathematics
  • LCOE - Lyles College of Engineering
  • JCAST - Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
  • KSOEHD - Kremen School of Education and Human Development 
  • CSS - College of Social Sciences


Fall 2014 Undergraduate Research Awardees
Student Name Instructor Name Department and College Title
Mala To Dr. Anil Shrestha Plant Science -JCAST Effect of Light Intensity on the Efficacy of Apostemergent Herbicides on Hairy Fleabane (Conyza Bonariensis)
Armando Guzman Dr. Anil Shrestha   Plant Science -JCAST Evaluation of Pre-Emergence Herbicides for Control of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus Palmerii
Sarah Parry Dr. Jorge M. Gonzalez Plant Science -JCAST  Study of the Courtship Behavior of Polyphagous Parasitoid Wasps
 Nathan Reetz Dr. Joseph Ross  Biology - CSM  The Study of Male Transmission of Mitochondrial DNA Through Fluorescence 
Jarod Smith Dr. Jorge M. Gonzalez Plant Science - JCAST Determining Effects of Plastic Mulch in Lifespan and Yield of Two Crops (Lactuca Sativa, Asteraceae and Solanum Lycopersicum, Solnaceae)
Eduardo Padilla Dr. Anil Shrestha Plant Science - JCAST 
Determining Glyphosate Resistance in Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus Palmerii) Populations of the San Joaquin Valley
Sergio Franco Dr. Stephanie Moore-Reed Kinesiology - CHHS Orthopaedic Outcomes in Patients with Shoulder Injury 
Christopher Morazan Dr. Stephanie Moore-Reed Kinesiology - CHHS  Orthopaedic Outcomes in Patients with Knee Injury 
Cameron Khalili Dr. Deify Law Mechanical Engineering - LCOE Numerical Study of Effect of Air Volume Fraction on Pressure Drop in Upward Vertical Two-Phase Air-Water Pipe Flow
Julie Pedraza Dr. Jorge M. Gonzalez Plant Science - JCAST Study of Nanoparticles Distribution Through the Biology of Solenopsis Xioloni Colonies Through Food and Their Behavioral Response to the Introduction of Nanoparticles
Richard Adams Dr. Oscar Vega  Mathematics - CSM Stochastic Analysis of the Game Grim
Kaitlayn Sims Dr. David Vera  Economics - CSB Analysis of Californians' Perception on Immigration and Immigration Reform
Fabian Galvan Dr. Anil Shrestha Plant Science - JCAST Effect on Growth Stage on the Tolerance of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus Palmerii)
Mauricio De Almeida Dr. Jorge M. Gonzalez  Plant Science- JCAST Study of Nanoparticles Impacts in a Hydroponic Plant-Insect System
Hanson Mouanoutoua Dr. Joseph Ross Biology - CSM Paternal Mitochondrial Inheritance in Caenorhabditis Briggsae
Janae Dixon Dr. Oscar Vega Mathematics - CSM Algorithmic Study of a Discrete Dynamic System on a Network
Alan Suarez Garcia Dr. The Minh Nguyen   Mechanical Engineering - LCOE  Testing and Design Analysis of Biomedical Prosthetic Knee With Magnetorhelogical Fluid
Andrew de la Pena Dr. Carmen Caprau  Mathematics - CSM Virtual Singular Braids and Tangles 
Sarah McGahan Dr. Carmen Caprau   Mathematics - CSM Polympmial Invariants for Virtual Knots
Aramayis Orkusyan Dr. Doreen De Leon  Mathematics - CSM Determining an Optimal "Inoculation Scheme" for Preventing the Spread of Computer Viruses
Manuel Lopez Dr. Doreen De Leon  Mathematics - CSM Optimal Immunization Scheme for Flu Vaccine
Brennen Fagan Dr. Doreen De Leon Mathematics - CSM Inoculation of Computers in an Organization 
Daniel Hairabedian Dr. The Minh Nguyen  Mechanical Engineering - LCOE Parkinson's Disease Tremor Control with Electroactive Polymers - Hardwared Development 
Zuleth Francis Lucero Quijada Dr. Annabelle Espana-Najera Chicano & Latin American Studies - CSS Career Politicians in Unstable Party Systems
Andrew Shaffer Dr. Cory Brooks Chemistry - CSM Crystallization of Liver X Receptor in Complex with Drug Candidates 
Akexi Kimura Dr. Cory Brooks Chemistry - CSM Cloning and Expression of Listeria Internalin Proteins
Samariah Bautch Dr. Cory Brooks Chemistry - CSM Stability and Proteases Resistance of Camelidae Nanobodies for the Development of Oral Therapeutics 
Samuel Johnson Dr. Christopher Pluhar  Earth and Enviromental Sceinces - CSM Isotopic and Paleomagnetic Analysis of the Miocene Huntoon Creek Tuff with Implications for Mono Basin Structural Evolution
Daniel Cronin Dr. Jason Bush  Biology - CSM Investigating Biomarkers in Angioinvasive Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Associated with an Aggressive Tumor Type
Carrie Tambo Dr. Jason Bush  Biology - CSM Metabolic Profile of irradiated Embryonic Stem Cells
Alexander Tran Dr. Jason Bush Biology - CSM Analyzing mi-RNA Profiles and Activity from Multiple Cancer Cell Populations
Kenya Covarrubias Dr. Jason Bush Biology - CSM Evaluating the levels of genes involved in the Glycine Synthesis Pathway in a Breast Epithelial Model System
Philip Kingsford Dr. Jason Bush  Biology - CSM Cancer Cell Irradiation
Joshua Keith Dr. Qiao-Hong Chen Chemistry - CSM Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on Curcumin-Based Anticancer Agents
Jayjoel Fernandez Dr. Qioa-Hong Chen Chemistry - CSM Synthesis of Curcumin Analogs as Anticancer Agents
Scott C. Mitchell Dr. Christopher Pluhar Earth & Environmental Sciences - CSM Investigation of Regional, Wide-Area Deformation of the Granitic Central Sierra Nevada Batholith in the Vicinity of the Stanislaus River, Calaveras County, CA
Esteban Ignacio Paredes Aulestia Dr. Pei-Chun Ho Physics - CSM Synthesis and Characterization of Neodymium and Gadolinium Nanoparticles 
Leonardo Velazco-Cruz Dr. Joseph Ross Biology - CSM Developmental Delay Genotyping in Caenorhabditis Broggsae
Johnny J. Vang Dr. The Minh Nguyen Mechanical Engineering - LCOE Parkinson's Disease Tremor Control with Electroactive Polymers - Simulation and Control
Carlos Moreno Dr. Ming Li Computer Science - CSM I-RISE Intellient Real-Time In-Home Stroke Rehabilitation System
Taylor McCullough Hunter Dr. Pei-Chun Ho Physics - CSM Heat Capacity Measurement of Filled Skutterudite Compounds
Ariana Allyn Willingham  Dr. James Mullooly Anthropology - CSS  The Role of Zoos in Conservation, Preservation and Education
Shervin Zoghi Dr. Maziar Ghazinejad Mechanical Engineering - LCOE Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Materials
David Tollakson Dr. Balaji Sethuramasamyraja Industrial Technology - JCAST Development of Application Control System for Variable Rate Sprinklers on Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems for Precision Agriculture
Emily Bowers Dr. David Vera Economics - CSB Banking Consolidation and Changes in Banks' Portfolio, Coincidence or the Genesis of Financial Instability
Mieka Louise Kos Dr. Steven Hart Literacy, Early, Bilingual & Special Education - KSOEHD Effects of Service-Learning on Student Reading Development
Phonemany Ounkham Dr. John V.H. Constable Biology - CSM Secondary Chemistry of the Newly Identified Sunflower Species Helianthus Winteri
Andrew Hoover Dr. Qiao-Hong Chen Chemistry - CSM Hybrids of Curcumin and Genistein as Anticancer Agents
Austin Mendoza Dr. Hwan Youn Biology - CSM Understanding the Protein-DNA Interactions for CRP Homologs Usings SELEX
Karina Hernandez Dr. Jason Bush Biology - CSM Zolendronic Acid (ZOL) Effects Under Hyponix Conditions in Bone Metastatic Breast Cancer
Jose Acosta Dr. Jason Bush Biology - CSM Analysis of HIFI-Alpha Inhibitors in 3D Spheroid Culture of Bone Metastatic Breast Cancer 
Chayce Hartung Dr. John V.H. Constable Biology - CSM Mycorrhizal Symbionts and Pathogen Resistance in High Value Tomato Crops
Danielle Baker Dr. Michael Botwin Psychology - CSM An Act Frequency Approach to Mating Intelligence
 Casey Walker Dr. Aly Tawfik Civil and Geomatics Engineering - LCOE  Using GIS to Model and Evaluate Impacts on Autonomous Vehicles on the Transportation System in Fresno City
Matthew Pomaville Dr. David Lent Biology - CSM Assessment of Complex Learning in Periplaneta Americana
Tyler Launer Dr. Mohammad Rahman Public Health - CHHS Barks and Bytes: Identifying the Growing Dependence and Psychological Implications of Internet Usage Among Fresno State Students
Mercedes Gonzalez Dr. Henry Delcore Anthropology - CSS Factors Affecting Tablet Adoption by Fresno State Students
Julio Perez Dr. Steve Blumenshine Biology - CSM River Substrate Effects on San Joaquin River Lower Trophic Levels 
Karen A. Boortz Dr. Steve Blumenshine Biology - CSM  Field Experiment to Determine if San Joaquin River Production is Limited by Riverbed Material
Jensen Verhalen  Dr. Steve Blumenshine Biology - CSM  Use of Oxygen Stable Isotopes as a Tracer of Fish Movements Rivers 
Cheyenne Hefley Dr. Steve Blumenshine Biology - CSM Spacial & Temporal Variation in SJR Water 6180 and Fish Movement
 Shayan Zoghi Dr. Joy Goto  Chemistry - CSM  Analysis of Impact of A-Beta 40/42 Peptide Expression in Drosophila Melanogaster 
Caroline Vidal Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea Biology - CSM DNA Extraction using Maxwell 16
 Katrina Ortega Dr. Annabelle Espana-Najera  Chicano & Latin American Studies - CSS  Analyzing Anti-Violence Politics in Guatemala 
 Geil Merana Dr. Laurent Dejean  Chemistry - CSM The Effects of Central Valley PM Sample Extract on ROS Production and HO-1 Concentration
 Miriam Hernandez Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea  Biology - CSM  Luminex Based Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Nematode Species in Soil Samples
 Rocio Solis Hernandez Dr. William Skuban   History - CSS  Cultural and Political Influence of the Catholic Church in Latin America: The Cases of Mexico and Chile
 Leah Buchnoff Dr. Michelle DenBeste  History - CSS  Russians in the Central Valley
Eduardo DeLa Torre Dr. Qiao-Hong Chen Chemistry - CSM  Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of Genistein Analogs as Anticancer Agents
 Leyla Farshidpour Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea  Biology - CSM  Testing Transformed Dunaliella Primolecta in Different Media
Alexandra Saxberg Dr. Joy Goto  Chemistry - CSM Analysis of Insect Repellents Using Drosophila Melanogaster 
Irina Kuchkovskaya Dr. Santanu Maitra  Chemistry - CSM apoE Inhibition in the Brain
Arnold Muradyan Dr. Pei-Chun Ho  Physics - CSM  Thermoelectric Properites of Rare Earth Non-Particles 
Kristopher Kubota Dr. Mara Brady Earth & Environmental Sciences - CSM Comparison of Middle Upper Devonian Stromatoporoid Fossils with Deposition Rates
 Edgar Gevirgyan Dr. Santanu Maitra Chemistry - CSM  Synthesis of a Series of Analogs of Triarymethyl Amine to Modulate Apolipoprotein E For Alzheimer's Therapy
 Stacy Han Dr. Karine Gousset Biology - CSM  Protein Interactions with the F2 Domain of Myosin X.  
Nisha John Dr. Sanatu Maitra Chemistry - CSM Synthesis of Second Generation Organic Molecules for Apoilipoprotein E Modulation Project Timeframe
Alejandro Hernandez Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea Biology - CSM Nutrient Requirements and Stressors of the Oleogenic Algae D. Primolecta
Anisa Anh Luong Dr. Stephanie Ryan Art & Design - CAH Envisioning Women
Joy Aparicio Valenzuela Dr. David Lent Biology - CSM Behavioral Assays to Study Deficits in Spatial Cognition in Drosophila Melanogaster
Daniel Ochoa Dr. Mara Brady Earth & Environmental Sciences - CSM Sediment Transport and Flow Relationships in the San Joaquin River Restoration
Omoshola Aleru Dr. Mamta Rawat Biology - CSM Identification of Cyanobacterial and Bacillus Species
Natsinet Ghebrendrias Dr. Mamta Rawat Biology - CSM Identification and Characterization of Genes Resistant to Anti-Tuberculosis Agents: Isoniazid and Ethionamide
Alisha N. Ramlan Hussanin Dr. Mamta Rawat Biology - CSM Identification of Disrupted Genes in Malachite Green & Diamide Sensitive Mycobacterium Smegmatis Mutants
Samantha Hartanto Dr. Mamta Rawat Biology - CSM Evaluation of the Role of Thiol S-Transferases in the Antimicrobial Properties of Curcumin
Susan Hertfelder Dr. Robert Dundas Earth & Environmental Sciences - CSM Taphonomy of the Fairmead Landfill Fossil site, Madera County, CA
Russell Berndt Dr. Michelle DenBeste History - CSS Russians in the Central Valley
Talon Trecek Dr. Quinn McFrederick Biology - CSM Multi-Locus Sequence Typing of California Streptococcus Suis Isolates in Bovine
Hunter Dias Dr. Wookni Na Electrical and Computer Engineering - LCOE Solar Panel and DC/DC Converter for Charging 5V Units at Different Amperages
Keon McDonald  Dr. Wookni Na Electrical and Computer Engineering - LCOE Solar Panel and DC/DC Converter for Charging 5V Units at Different Amperages
Shauna Dauderman Dr. Christine Edmonson Psychology - CSM The Effect of Psychosocial Stressors on College Student Development
Daniel Ojeda Juarez Dr. Jason Bush Biology - CSM miRNA Analysis as Method to Identify Gene Expression Differences Between Breast Cancer Cells and Normal Breast Cells
Alicia Bernardino Dr. William Wright Civil and Geomatics Engineering - LCOE Bioplastic Research
Hilary Pacheco  Dr. Samina Najmi English - CAH Immigration, Feminism, and Diaspora in American Literature: A Study of the Multicultural Woman