Economic Development

University-Based Economic Development

Economic development and community leaders throughout the country have realized the great impact local universities have on their region's economic prosperity and quality of life.

Universities are able to partner with community organizations to share resources that can help improve educational systems at all levels, create jobs, nurture entrepreneurs, expand public services, improve public safety, and address issues related to homelessness and affordable housing.

The Economic Development Information Coalition identified six steps America's universities can take to advance regional economic competitiveness and innovations:

  1. Adopt Economic Development as a Core Mission
  2. Grow, Train, Attract and Retain the Best and Brightest
  3. Build strong Research Partnerships with Industries
  4. Promote Technology Transfer
  5. Create Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  6. Pay Attention to the State and Regional Economic Context

Fresno State and the Office of Community and Economic Development, in particular, have taken these steps to fully realize the community-university partnership potential.

We work with both economic development organizations - local, national and international - and workforce development organizations Valley-wide to nurture the partnership Fresno State continues to establish with our community.

Visit our library of university-based economic development documentation to learn more about how communities and local universities can benefit from one another and how working with industry clusters within our communities can grow local economies.