OCED staff manages and supports a number of programs and initiatives designed to sustain and improve the San Joaquin Valley and provide a legacy of prosperity for those who call it home, both now and in the future.

Below is an introduction of each staff member who contributes to the overall success of OCED.

Mike Dozier, Executive Director

Photo of Mike Dozier

Lyles Center 200B, M/S WC 142

Mike Dozier has been executive director of OCED since January 2009. OCED manages the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center, San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium, Smart Valley Places, and the Fresno State Connect program, which links the community to University schools and faculty. OCED also conducts the annual Introduction to Economic Development Certificate Program with the University Business Center and California Association for Local Economic Development. Prior to joining OCED, Mike was assistant to the city manager/planning director with the City of Livingston, Calif., from 1985-1987; redevelopment director with the City of Atwater, Calif., from 1987-1992; and director of Community and Economic Development with the City of Clovis, Calif., from 1992-2009. Mike is a director on the following boards: Central Valley Business Incubator, San Joaquin Valley Workforce Funders Collaborative Board, California Association of Local Economic Development Board, and the University Economic Development Association. He attended and graduated from Merced College and California State University, Stanislaus with honors (Summa Cum Laude).

Stacie Dabbs, Associate Director, Operations

Photo of Staci Dabbs

Lyles Center 205F, M/S WC 142

Stacie Dabbs is associate director of OCED operations. Stacie assists with the administration of the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, leads the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative, and manages the Smart Valley Places regional planning grant in partnership with 14 urban Valley cities and several nonprofit organizations. A San Joaquin Valley native, Stacie hails from the Westside farming communities of Firebaugh and Mendota. Prior to joining OCED in 2009, she spent seven years as a Congressional staffer in both Capitol and California district offices. Stacie was selected to participate in the Leon Panetta Institute of Public Policy Congressional Intern Program in 2003, serving in the Capitol office of former Congressman Cal Dooley. In subsequent years, she served as policy adviser to former Congressman Dennis Cardoza from 2004-2009. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from California State University, Fresno in 2004, and a Master of Public Administration from California State University, Stanislaus in 2009.

Ismael Díaz Herrera, Associate Director, Funding

Photo of Ismael Herrera

Lab School 109, M/S LS 138

Ismael Díaz Herrera is associate director of OCED operations. He serves as the director of the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center (SJVRDC), an OCED initiative. SJVRDC connects rural communities to a wide range of services, resources, expertise and training to ensure the needs of their residents are met efficiently, effectively, and affordably. SJVRDC leverages assets of the university and regional partners in response to these needs. As an OCED team member, Ismael contributes to development of university-led community and economic development activities, specifically assisting with grant writing efforts which align Fresno State’s assets to regional initiatives aimed at improving the competitiveness and prosperity of the Valley. Ismael serves on the Mendota Unified School District Board of Trustees and is chairman of the board of directors for Young Emerging Latino Leaders of the San Joaquin Valley, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing young Latino professionals into regional civic leaders. Ismael received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and Chicano/Latino studies from University of California, Irvine and a Master of Arts in education policy and management from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ismael is a proud resident of Mendota.

Shelby Gonzales, Finance Director

Photo of Shelby Gonzales

Lab School 110, M/S LS 138

Shelby Gonzales is finance director for OCED, overseeing the fiscal and technical activities that support all of OCED’s initiatives and sponsored projects. A San Joaquin Valley native, Shelby was raised in the farming community of Turlock. Prior to joining OCED in 2010, she was a grant accountant at the California State University, Fresno Foundation. Previous positions include associate director of Budget and Planning at San Diego State University, and account analyst in the Extramural Funds Department for the University of California, San Diego and for the University of California, Los Angeles. Shelby earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from California Baptist College (now University) in 1982, and a Graduate Diploma in computer science-applied science from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, in 1998. 

Angelica Cano, Communications Assistant

Photo of Angelica Cano

Lyles Center 200, M/S WC 142

Angelica Cano is communications assistant for OCED. Angelica coordinates the San Joaquin Valley Regional Industry Clusters Initiative database and the required electronic communications. She compiles newsletters and electronic broadcasts for OCED initiatives; assists with day-to-day office administration, as needed; and prepares fiscal documentation for OCED grants. Born and raised in Fresno, in 2006 she began attending California State University, Fresno and working as student assistant in OCED. After graduating from Fresno State in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and journalism, she became the full-time communications assistant with OCED. Angelica is an avid music lover and volunteers as a DJ at the Fresno State radio station. 

Jenna Chilingerian, Program Assistant

Lyles Center 200, M/S WC 142

Jenna Chilingerian is a program assistant for OCED. Prior to joining OCED in July 2014, she served as a program assistant for the Center for Community Progress in Washington, D.C., working closely with the vice president and director of National Leadership and Education to create a community of practice around solving vacant and abandoned property problems. In 2013, Jenna completed a Summer City Success Fellowship with CEOs for Cities in Cleveland, Ohio, and a fall fellowship with Smart Growth America Local Leaders Council in Washington, D.C. Jenna held several internships in law firms, local governments, and nonprofits during her college career. Most recently, she interned with the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C., and with the City of Fresno in the offices of Mayor and City Manager. This position brought her back to her hometown and to her family, several generations of proud Armenians. Jenna received her bachelor of arts in political science from University of California, Los Angeles in 2013; she minored in civic engagement.

Eduardo Gonzalez, Project Manager

Photo of Eduardo Gonzalez

Lab School 109, M/S LS 138

Eduardo Gonzalez is program manager for OCED. He provides support in planning, developing and facilitating its grant-funded projects and various collaboratives. Eduardo assists the director of the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center (SJVRDC) with implementing its activities and programs. Through SJVRDC, public agencies in small, underserved communities are connected with experts who provide specialized consulting in areas such as business services, grant writing, economic development, health and human services, housing, and planning. Mr. Gonzalez helps identify, write and manage grant opportunities for various collaborative partners and stakeholders while aligning grant expectations and deliverables. Prior to joining OCED in 2011, Eduardo served more than 10 years in a variety of community-focused roles in the Valley. He was executive director for Youth Centers of America (YCA) and provided vision and leadership to its programming and staff, and to adult education, leadership and prevention projects/programs. He has supervised the implementation of advocacy projects for social justice and social change throughout rural Fresno County.

Marcia Martin, Communications Coordinator

Lyles Center 200, M/S WC 142

Marcia Martin is the communications coordinator for OCED. Marcia is a native of Manteca and has been a resident of Fresno for 30 years (to her surprise). She joined OCED in 2007 when it received the grant for operations of the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley. This proved to be a learning experience not only about the Valley but about the place she is from. Marcia was involved in the development of and maintains the database for the Partnership and oversees its website. She is the liaison between OCED and its communications consultant, whom she works with on the design and coordination of OCED’s communications materials. She has 25 years of experience in the business of words and has an eye for color. This has been essential as she is very particular about how OCED’s websites look and the accuracy of their contents. Marcia earned a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and journalism from California State University, Fresno in 2002. As part of her curriculum, she was managing editor of The Collegian spring semester 2001.

Emily Pasquarelli, Administrative Assistant

Lyles Center 200, M/S WC 142

Felipe Perez Perez, Project Assistant

Lab School 109, M/S LS 138

Wilma Satterberg, Fiscal Analyst

Photo of Wilma Satterberg

Lab School 110, M/S LS 138

Wilma Satterberg has been a fiscal analyst for OCED since 2011. She assists with financial reporting on the Small Business Development Center and San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium grants. Wilma assists OCED’s finance director with the Smart Valley Places grant and other grant-related projects. Most of her career has been in the private sector; she made the transition to public sector in 2000 when she joined California State University, Fresno Foundation Financial Services as a grant accountant, retiring in 2011 from that position. Wilma is a San Joaquin Valley native, born and raised in Kingsburg. She believes in service to her community and is a 30-year member of Zonta International, a service organization that provides support for women’s issues such as health, literacy, and gender equality. Wilma earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration, accounting option, from California State University, Fresno in 1976.  

Phillip Siegrist, Research Assistant

Phillip Siegrist

Lyles Center 200, M/S WC 142

Phillip Siegrist is the research assistant for OCED. Phillip provides assistance for the San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium and assists with administration of the Community and Regional Planning Center and the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Toolkit. Prior to joining OCED, he spent several months as a planning intern for the Madera County Planning Department. Phillip joined OCED in November 2011 volunteering as part-time intern. In June 2012, he became fully employed in his current position as research assistant. A Valley native, Phillip hails from Fresno. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in geography from Fresno State in 2011; he minored in urban studies.