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Photo of Dr. Timothy StearnsThe Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is a national model for building skills that rapidly accelerates students into the realm of entrepreneurship.

- Dr. Timothy Stearns









Every Friday, students hear from a guest speaker or go on a field trip in order to gain hands-on experience. Today's job market is more competitive than ever and these guest speakers, field trips, assessments, and workshops are designed to give students an advantage upon graduation.

Each week a student is chosen to act as a Presiding Fellow and conduct an interview of that week's guest speaker and report back to the group before Friday. The Presiding Fellow greets the guest speaker in the parking lot, escorts them upstairs, introduces them and escorts them out after. This is another great skill-building technique used by the Lyles Center Entrepreneur Mentor Program.






The Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is a great place to expand your networks and meet new people.

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