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  • Children participating in STEAM camp
  • Children Participating in STEAM camp
  • Children doing STEM project
  • Children participating in Sweet Potato Project
  • Children visiting President's office in Henry Madden Library
  • High School Student pitching business plan
  • Children participating in Annual Innovation Day

Programs and Services targeted towards Youth

Fresno State STEM 5
STEM 5 is a new, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned curriculum that facilitates learning through engaging students in hands-on experiments. Developed in partnership with University High School and Kremen School of Education.

Fresno State STEAM Tunnels
The Fresno State STEAM Tunnels stimulates innovative and creative thinking by having students participate in engaging projects that require creativity and teamwork. During each activity students learn to apply scientific concepts and skills to solve a particular problem. Students design models, make observations, record data and communicate their ideas and findings, while thinking through real world problems. The Fresno State STEAM Tunnels program incorporates a modified 5E instructional Model, Next Generation Science Standards, Universal Design for Learning and State Math Standards. 

Kids Invent! 6th Grade +
Kids Invent! 6th Grade + is an improved and streamlined version of the previous curriculum. Students explore science through unique problems of design and functionality and work in teams to solve real-life problems. 

Sweet Potato Project
In partnership with West Fresno Family Resource Center and Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, middle and high school students learn various topics of agri-business from team-building, product development to marketing and finances. The program culminates with a Shark Tank-style pitch competition in front of a panel of judges, friends and family. 

Lyles Center STEP (High School Program)
The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State is proud to present their newly developed entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students. These schools will receive any administrative support needed for the successful implementation of the curriculum. This newly developed program was specifically designed with students AND teachers in mind.