Student Hatchery

What is the Student Hatchery?
The Lyles Center Student Hatchery offers students support and office space to work on their business while attending school. Students receive access to mentoring resources, physical office space and access to other facilities e.g., use of boardroom and classroom space - limitations apply.

How would the Student Hatchery help me?
Hatchery students receive one-on-one coaching from the Entrepreneur in residence and access to the Technology Commercialization office. Students will receive coaching in areas of legal, accounting, intellectual property development, and general business management.

Where is the Student Hatchery located?
The Student Hatchery is located inside the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Lyles Center is located on campus west of the Save Mart Center, 2nd floor of the Student Recreation Center.

How many spaces are available?

How do I apply and how do you evaluate the applicants?

hatchery button

Complete the form and hit submit. Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Business model
  • Profitability
  • Project status

Who do I contact for more information?
Call us at 559-294-2045 or email 

Current Hatchery Students:

Hatchery Student Bi-Weekly Report Form

Current Hatchery Students


PR productions

Price Right Productions

Michael Price

Price Right Productions strives to provide professional quality videos at attainable prices to businesses and members of the community. Price Right Productions uses industry standard high definition equipment and produces videos at an affordable price compared to other video production companies. 

For more information please contact Michael Price at (559) 288-9806 or 



Roe Borunda 

Roetography provides commercial and noncommercial photography. Roe is committed to providing clients with affordable and quality photos and great customer service

For more information contact Roe Borunda at 559.801.2500 or.


Nicholas De Young is a web-based business that will allow the user to create, organize and plan their dream trips. will help them to fulfill their life dream activities, recreational life goals by utilizing social media outreach to promote gifting and crowd funding to make their dreams a reality. seeks to provide an engaging, entertaining and broad platform that encourages people to not just dream of the place they always wanted to visit but to actually go and see it!

For more information contact Nicholas De Young at 559.417.7970 or 

International Organization for Developmental Entrepreneurship photo

International Organization for Developmental Entrepreneurship (IODE)

Shervin Zoghi

The International Organization for Developmental Entrepreneurship (IODE) is an up-and-coming non-profit organization with the holistic goal of helping citizens in developing communities. While it is universally understood that entrepreneurship spurs job creation, increases disposable income, improves morale, and more, it is somewhat less known that many people have never had the opportunity to learn the basic skills necessary for being an entrepreneur. Our goal is to bridge this gap, by teaching these aspiring individuals on how to run a business, draft a business plan, access microcredit loans, balance budgets, file for intellectual property rights, and more.

 As becomes immediately apparent, this increase in income also means more tax revenue for local governments, which means more investment in human capital (health, education, and infrastructure). This positive cycle is key for developing communities to achieve long-term success.

 It is our duty as compassionate, educated individuals to do something about this injustice. As Einstein put it, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

For more information, please contact Shervin Zoghi at

Hatchery Graduates

 Caramel Company Photo

The Caramel Company 

Tiffany Lowe

The Caramel Company is a gourmet caramel confectionary located in Reedley, California. The company was founded in early 2012 by Tiffany Lowe. Candy-making has always been big part of Tiffany's life, having been raised by a mom who loves to make delicious treats for others.The Caramel Company offers unique, handmade caramels in two varieties: original and pecan

To place an order please visit or call Tiffany at (559) 797-1479. 


Faccinanni Photography logo

Facciani Photography

Laura Facciani 

Facciani photography specializes in portrait photography that brings together classic art elements with fresh and contemporary ideas. She and her assistant strive to make your photo session as relaxed and natural as possible so that your photographs will live as timeless keepsakes. As an entrepreneurship student, Laura started her small photography business out of her house and has since grown to a profitable business. 

To book your session or find out more information, please contact Laura:
Call (559) 281-4204 or email

To view portfolios and pricing please visit: or


Valley Direct

Aki Dionisopoulos

With all that running a restaurant entails, owners don't have the luxury of time it takes to shop around and make sure they're getting the lowest possible prices on goods and services. Valley Direct Buying Group levels the playing field for independent restaurants in the Central Valley by leveraging its buying power as a group purchasing organization to obtain low-margin pricing from vendors and manufacturers. Designed specifically for independent restaurants, Valley Direct enables its members to pay lower prices for food service supplies and services by purchasing them under pre-negotiated contracts much like the corporate restaurants chains do. Restaurant owners can have peace of mind when it comes to purchasing costs as Valley Direct acts as their restaurant's purchasing manager.

For more information please call Aki at (408) 841-2693


purple junkie

PurpleJunkie Clothing Co.
Monisha Edwards

PurpleJunkie Clothing Co. is an online urban clothing company and store that provides casual or semi- formal clothing. Created with style and individuality in mind, PurpleJunkie Clothing Co. fuses urban culture and unique designs that are displayed on high quality garments and are reasonably priced. The founder and owner, Monisha Edwards, chose the name "PurpleJunkie" when she discovered the meaning of her favorite color: luxury, rarity and sophistication. You are what you wear and PurpleJunkie Clothing Co. will not only help you live your life, but wear your life through urban fashion.

PurpleJunkie Clothing is sold through the official Facebook page and its official online store. Please visit:

Follow PurpleJunkie on Twitter:@PurpleJunkieCEO

For more information, please contact Monisha:
Call (559) 375-6323 or