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NFTE, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, provides entrepreneurship education programs to young people from low-income communities to enhance their economic productivity by improving their business, academic and life skills.

NFTE programs teach entrepreneurship using curriculum that corresponds to high school reading levels and complexity. The curriculum may be used in a semester-long or year-long stand alone entrepreneurship elective course, in an after school setting, or integrated with economics, marketing, or other academic courses.

Founded in New York City in 1987 by Steve Mariotti, a former entrepreneur turned high school math teacher in the South Bronx, NFTE began as a program to prevent dropouts and improve academic performance among students who were at risk of failing or quitting school. Combining his business background with his desire to teach at-risk students, Steve discovered that when young people from low-income communities are given the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, their innate "street smarts" can easily develop into "academic smarts" and "business smarts." Through entrepreneurship, young people discover that what they are learning in the classroom is relevant to the real world.

To date, NFTE has worked with nearly 450,000 young people from low-income communities in programs across the U.S. and around the world.

For more information on NFTE, browse through the NFTE website.

The following schools are currently offering NFTE programs and classes to their students:


High Schools:

    • Bullard High School
      5445 N. Palm
      Fresno, CA, 93704

    • Roosevelt High School
      4250 E. Tulare Street
      Fresno, CA, 93702

    • Fresno High School
      1839 Echo Ave
      Fresno CA, 93704

    • McLane High School
      2727 N. Cedar
      Fresno, CA, 93703

    • Carter G. Woodson
      3333 N. Bond Street
      Fresno, CA, 93726

    • W.E.B. Dubois
      1313 P. Street
      Fresno, CA, 93721

    • C.A.R.T.
      2555 Clovis Ave.
      Clovis, CA 93612

    • Central West High School
      2045 N.Dickenson Ave
      Fresno, CA 93723

    • Duncan High School
      4330 E. Garland
      Fresno, CA 93726

    • Reedley High School
      740 W. North Ave.
      Reedley, CA 93654

    • Orange Cove High School
      1700 S. Anchor Ave.
      Orange Cove, CA 93646
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