Photo Entrepreneur Mentor Program members

Entrepreneur Mentor Program

The Entrepreneur Mentor Program is designed to give aspiring entrepreneurship students a chance to interact directly with leading entrepreneurs in the Central Valley. The program provides forums for learning directly from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and includes visits to their businesses, venues for social gatherings, field trips and site visits to entrepreneurial firms.

How are students chosen?
Any student is eligible to be admitted to the program that either:

  1. Has declared Entrepreneurship as an option for their major or
  2. Comes with a recommendation from a professor.

Enrollment in the program will be limited to a maximum of 20 students. Once enrolled, students will be matched one-on-one with a mentor that best suits their area of interest.

Do I receive college credits for this program?
Each student completing the program will receive three (3) credits (listed as ENTR 190) at the end of two (2) completed semesters.
Students can use the credits as either an elective or as a substitute for ENTR 155.

What else should I know about the Mentor Program?
Each student will have the opportunity to participate in leadership assessment training. Students will engage in projects that will assist their specific needs and interests.

The Mentor Program offers instructors, successful in the field of entrepreneurship. These positions are constantly changing.

Jane E. Yow is a Training and Organization Development Consultant specializing in helping organizations improve quality, productivity and innovation through their most important asset: their people. In the past few years, Jane's focus has been on assisting companies in the implementation of activities and processes which successfully develop and integrate the people side of management.

Cathy Frost is the President of BennettFrost Personnel Services, a full service staffing company which is locally owned and operated in the Central Valley and has provided exceptional candidates to our valley clients for 14 years. Cathy is a graduate of California State University, San Jose with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology.

Our current mentors for the spring are:

  • Paul Bauer, Walter & Wilhelm Law Group
  • Brenda Budke, Sierra HR Partners
  • Diane Chrisman, Sunnyside Country Club
  • Roe Garcia, Polestar General
  • Claude Laval, Claude Laval Corporation
  • Ben Maddox, Wells Fargo
  • Caren Myers, Fresno Lexus
  • Ed O'Neil, O'Neil Farming
  • Alan Rudominer, Earthlink
  • Steve Love, Love Ranch
  • Margot Karlin, Principal Financial Group
  • Caroline Berry, Caroline Berry Consulting
  • Ryan Turner, Westside Trading Company
  • Nancy Ervin, Baker Peterson & Franklin
  • Vicki Goudreau, Innovation Commercial Flooring
  • Rick Wolf, Children's Hospital Central California
  • Todd Suntrapak, Children's Hospital Central California
  • Brad Sandstorm, Citibank

The following students are currently participating in the Mentor Program:

Current students

  • Marcus Allen
  • Daniel Gong
  • Menas Arisian
  • Niesha Blancas
  • Renan de Lima
  • Gustin Hartanto
  • Sarina Hernandez
  • Kerri Long
  • Yesenia Magna-Rocha
  • Dante Muniz
  • Elisa Naranjo
  • Katie Olsen 
  • Tara Pardini
  • Armando Ramirez
  • MonMeng Vang
  • Jose Vargas