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Kids Invent!

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The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University, Fresno is offering Kids Invent! After School programs and Summer Camps. Kids Invent! provides elementary and middle school children with hands-on applications of science and math through innovative and creative activities.

Kids Invent! stimulates the creative instincts of children while they design and build mock-ups of toys, prepare business plans, present marketing materials, and create web pages. As they develop their toys, kids learn to present their toy concepts to other students, demonstrate their use, think through the price and cost of the toy and work with other kids on a variety of tasks.

Program Kids Invent! encourages kids to continue applying their creative talents long after the program has concluded by orienting them to opportunities to showcase their inventions at the National Toy Hall of Fame. Kids Invent! also empowers kids to consider commercial applications of their ideas.

Kids Invent! is a unique learning program:

  • Participants learn about math, science, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Students are taught the invention process so they may continue to invent even after the conclusion of Kids Invent! programs.
  • Participants learn team work as they invent their toys.
  • Kids Invent! promotes life-long creativity and builds skills that will make them successful in the future.
  • Kids Invent! after school curriculum meets many of the California State standards for Science and Mathematics.

Kids Invent!

The Lyles Center offers Kids Invent! After School Programs: A not-for-profit Science and Mathematics-based After School program for elementary and middle school children.


Our mission is to strengthen our community and empower our youth by providing quality hands-on after school programs that incorporate science, math, innovation and entrepreneurship, delivered through service learning opportunities for college students.


To provide seamless leadership between the university and the community that establishes, enhances, and creates long-term sustainability in quality after school programs for children K-12, so that every child in the valley has access to safe after school choices.

Kids Invent! After School has served over 30 schools in the Central Valley, including Fresno Unified, Madera Unified, Selma Unified, Parlier Unified, and Central Unified school districts.

Each after school session is 90 minutes in length. All supplies for different activities are provided by Kids Invent! Activities stimulate creative instincts of children to invent by having them design and build mock-ups of toys. As they develop their toys, kids work with teachers and other student to overcome limitations and test their inventions. Kids take a toy home at the end of each session.

Participants are also encouraged to continue their project developments after the program has concluded by orienting them to opportunities to showcase their inventions at the National Toy Hall of Fame, the National Gallery for America' Young Inventors, and in invention contests and programs.

Kids Invent!

Kids Invent! Summer Camp is made for kids with creative minds - the camp will expand their horizons in a few short days.

  • Participants learn about science, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Students learn steps in the invention process.
  • Participants learn team work as they invent models
  • Students learn to use creativity to build skills that will make them successful in the future.

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Kids Invent!