Program Contact:

Dr. Timothy Stearns
Phone: 559-347-6834

To be determined.
Programs will range from one day to two weeks.

Fees are designed on a per day basis, for a maximum group of 25 people.

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International Innovation Workshops (IIW)

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International Innovation Workshops (IIW) are designed to teach principles of the New Economy and the application of entrepreneurial skills to business, government and public agencies.

Participants in our programs will:

  • Learn how private companies and government organizations are adapting to the New Economy
  • Identify techniques for successful building of entrepreneur and innovation skills in international companies and organizations
  • Provide hands-on understanding of how to test a business idea, identify a potential market and compose a business plan for potential funding

IIW offers programs customized to the international client that combines visits to New Economy companies complimented with presentations by experts and university faculty from the region on requested subject matter.

Participants completing the program will receive a certificate from the Lyles Center at Fresno State.

Examples of workshops offered

  1. Building New Economy Companies for Growth and Success
  2. Applications of New Technology to Agriculture
  3. New Designs for Construction in Transportation Systems
  4. Applications of Information Systems
  5. Using Technology in Criminal Investigations
  6. Testing Your Business Idea for Market Potential
  7. How to Write a Business Idea for Venture Capital Funding
  8. How Venture Capital is Formed and Acquired by Entrepreneurs
  9. Advances in Education: Applications of Technology to Innovative Learning

Many of our foreign clients prefer to have programs delivered in their home country. The Lyles Center will work with you to develop a high-quality program for your clients and audiences.

The Lyles Center can provide letters of invitation or related documents to support visa applications.

Visits to the world-famous Yosemite National Park can be arranged.

Additional tours can be arranged for visits to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas.

Lodging and transportation for out-of-town participants will be arranged upon request. Please contact us for details.