Idea 2 Venture

Idea2Venture LogoIdea2Venture® is a 10 days intensive hands-on program designed to turn one's ideas into gold.The students will be working with leaders in creativity, product commercialization, entrepreneurship coaching, and business model development. They will take their idea through evaluation, design, and testing and thus will prepare for a business launch with knowledge and skills of how entrepreneur succeeds.Based on a proven formula for success as an innovator or entrepreneur, participants will be engaged through the power of problem solving and “learning by doing”.

During the Idea2Venture® the participants will learn the art and science of inventing, prototyping, commercializing products, applying the skills of entrepreneur, creating a business model and learning how to sell the ideas. These are the essential skills prized by the 21st Century companies across the globe! Whether one desires to launch the next mega-successful start up company or has a passion for being entrepreneur or work for another great company, plans on being a lawyer or doctor or possess the cutting-edge technology skills that companies are seeking today, one needs to fully understand the fundamentals of marketing, finance and operations to succeed!! We at Lyles, firmly believe that every individual has the capabilities and potential to be successful as an entrepreneur. Our purpose is to unleash their hidden talents and to give them the confidence and passion to start and pursue the entrepreneurial journey.

For more information, please visit the I2V website!