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Casey Lamonski 
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Entrepreneurial Pathway

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The Pathway

The Entrepreneur Pathway is a project designed to bring together high schools and community colleges to partner with the Lyles Center. The Pathway is an effort to build curricula, classroom content and community support for the delivery of knowledge, skills and actions for students seeking self-employment.

Students can begin building a career of self-employment by following a "path" that enables them to use their classroom training while simultaneously building opportunities for a new venture launch. A bias towards action is incorporated into the program at both the community and four-year college level.


The Entrepreneur Pathway incorporates entrepreneurship centers (E-Centers) that will be located on or off the community college campuses as part of the effort to give students geared towards action an outlet at any stage of the process.


In 2007, the Coleman Foundation of Chicago granted support to launch the Entrepreneur Pathway. There are 12 community college campuses that the Lyles Center is working with: Bakersfield College, College of the Sequoias, Columbia College, Porterville College, Reedley College, West Hills College (Lemoore), Merced College, Madera Center, Fresno City College, Willow International, Feather River College and Allan Hancock College.

The first step in building the Entrepreneur Pathway commences with identifying and supporting 11 Coleman Scholars from 11 community college campuses.

These 11 Scholars will lay the foundation for a network of courses and programs that will form a consistent pathway, across the campuses, which students can take to either launch their own business or continue to a four-year college.

The current Coleman Scholars are:

  • Brent Calvin
    College of the Sequoias

  • Janel Carrigan
    Willow International Center

  • Tamara Epperson
    Madera Center

  • Marie Comstock
    Allan Hancock College

  • Annette Haugen
    Merced College

  • Gayla Jurevich
    Fresno City College

  • Kailani Knutson
    Porterville College

  • Eric Nasalroad
    Reedley College

  • Monte Paden
    West Hills, Lemoore

  • Ida Ponder
    Columbia College, Sonora

  • Gayle Richardson
    Bakersfield College