Community College Entrepreneur Pathway


The Community College Entrepreneur Pathway (CCEP) supports community college faculty in the delivery of entrepreneurial education to students and aspiring entrepreneurs. By joining the CCEP, faculty receive and share curricula, classroom tools and cross-campus support to aid in the delivery of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to their students.

Membership in the CCEP is obtained by attending our three-day teaching workshop held each Spring. Workshop participants receive a full set of classroom curricula covering 18 lessons including extensive teaching notes, lesson PowerPoints, hands-on exercises, quizzes, projects, web resources, and in-depth insights on each lesson. Upon completion of the CCEP teaching workshop, faculty may participate in a series of webinars introducing new entrepreneurial lessons, discussion of best practices, and shared lessons learned. CCEP members will also have the option to use an online course portal which provides students digital access to lessons and supplemental materials.

CCEP's proven hands-on curricula equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to launch a new venture and successfully navigate the professional world. The complete set of curricula addresses three critical questions for understanding the entrepreneur’s world:

  1. Who is the Entrepreneur?
  2. How Do Entrepreneurs Capture Opportunity?
  3. How Do Entrepreneurs Build Wealth?

CCEP members are ensured expedited articulation with Fresno State’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship course (ENTR 8 - 3 credits). Students and faculty members from Pathway schools have the opportunity to participate in our annual CCEP Pitch Competition to enhance and apply entrepreneurial learning.

For more information on the teaching workshop and CCEP membership, browse the Community College Entrepreneur Pathway website.