Community College Entrepreneur Pathway


The Entrepreneur Pathway (Pathway) provides community colleges with access to a program fostering entrepreneurial education and development. The Pathway is vital for students interested in pursuing a self-employment career and provides faculty curricula, classroom tools and community support to aid in the delivery of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to students.

Students who participate in the Pathway will be equipped for an entrepreneurial career by following a path which applies their classroom training while simultaneously building opportunities for a new venture launch. An emphasis on execution is incorporated into the Pathway learning modules at both the community and four-year college level.

Community colleges are eligible to join the Pathway by attending our three-day training program. We provide instructors with a complete set of materials, exercises and perspectives on teaching entrepreneurship. Instructors will be able to utilize the Pathway portal to set up their class material, monitor progress, and conduct assessments. As a member of the Pathway, faculty will receive a series of webinars to update instructors and identify new opportunities for entrepreneurial applications in the classroom.

Completion of the training ensures expedited articulation with Fresno State. Students can continue to build on the skills they’ve developed and enhance their journey to self-employment by utilizing the multitude of programs, classes and groups that thrive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Fresno State.

For more information, browse Community College Entrepreneur Pathway website.

To enroll your Community College in the Entrepreneur Pathway, please contact Zari Karimi at