Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

About Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

EAs are students from any major who recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and want to help stimulate entrepreneurial activity among students in their majors. EAs are leaders, responsible for helping spur a campus-wide buzz around entrepreneurship. These leaders know that (a) entrepreneurial firms account for over 80% of new job growth nationally, (b) central valley attitudes toward entrepreneurship are on the rise, and (c) opportunities are abundant and can come from anywhere. In essence, EAs are leaders seeking resources to help spur an entrepreneurial revolution across campus.


Application period for Fall 2013 has closed.

EA Responsibilities

  • Work with Lyles Center Leadership and CEO Student Leadership to design and implement a plan for generating an entrepreneurial buzz in diverse disciplines across campus (e.g., helping with advertising entrepreneurship events and programs, educating peers on available resources, encouraging student participation in the elevator pitch competition, etc.)
  • Work with CEO Student Leadership to host a guest speaker relating to entrepreneurship in the EA’s discipline each semester (financial support for this will be provided by CEO)
  • Advise the Lyles Center on the wants and needs of aspiring entrepreneurs on campus
  • Regularly attend CEO meetings

 Benefits of being an EA:

  • Ability to actually make a difference, both on and off campus.
  • Fully paid trip to Chicago to attend a National Student Entrepreneurship Conference ($1,000 value)
  • Exposure at the National Level via CEO National (exclusive mentorship opportunities, national contacts, etc.)
  • Potential elective course credit depending on major
  • Invites to exclusive entrepreneurship events in the community (2012-2013 events include the Central Valley Venture Forum, North Valley Bus Trip, South Valley Bus Trip, local business tours, urban entrepreneurship events downtown, and a meet and greet with Mayor Swearengin)
  • Eligibility to wear the CEO Sash at Graduation
  • And more…



Contact Nelson Sebra nelsonsebra@gmail.com for more information.



Edgar Teran EA 

Edgar Teran: Mechanical Engineer/Manufacturing Technology 

James Cha EA

James Cha: Computer Science

Jonathan Stokes EA

Jonathan Stokes:Mechanical Engineering 

 Laura Tsutsui

Laura Tsutsui: Computer Science

Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz

Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz: Computer Science

Shervin Zoghi EA

Shervin Zoghi: Mechanical Engineering/ Economics