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Coleman Fellowship

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Coleman Fellowships
Request for Proposals
Due Date: May 31, 2015

The Coleman Foundation and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship are pleased to announce opportunities for California State University, Fresno faculty to apply for Coleman Fellowships for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Coleman Fellowships offer a two semester stipend to faculty to support the development of curricula incorporating elements of entrepreneurship into an existing course or for the creation of a new course with entrepreneurial content in their academic discipline. Of particular interest are proposals that seek to develop curricula in non-traditional areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. Faculties from all disciplines on campus are eligible for a Coleman Fellowship.

Awards will go to proposals that clearly demonstrate how entrepreneurship can be integrated into a discipline and provide relevant learning to students. In addition, courses taught by Coleman Fellows serve as "electives" for over 150 students currently pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship in the Craig School of Business.

Proposals that have a high probability for multi-year offerings will receive the highest priority for funding.

Two Coleman Fellowship awards will be awarded in the 2015-2016 academic year. Stipends are $5000 for the year, with a $2000 allocation made at the end of the Fall semester and a $3000 allocation made at the end of the Spring semester.

In addition, awardees will be required to attend the Coleman Fellows Workshop held in Chicago, Illinois in August 2015 ( Over 100 Fellows from a wide variety of disciplines from universities across the United States are currently engaged in this program.

The Awardees will be expected to develop the course during Fall 2015 with delivery of the course in Spring 2016. In some instances, course delivery in Fall 2015 can be acceptable.

Applications for the Coleman Fellowships will be received up to May 31, 2015 with announcements of awards by June 30, 2015. The application should include the following information:

  • Description of the proposed course restricted to 250 words or less;
  • List of learning objectives for the course;
  • How entrepreneurship will be incorporated into the course topic;
  • Statement on how the course will be sustained as an offering beyond the 2015-16 year;
  • Three page c.v.;
  • Letter of support from your department Chair and Dean. The letter should clearly state that the College, School or Department is supportive of incorporating the course into the curricula.

Apply for Coleman Fellowship Here

In addition, the Lyles Center hosts a monthly workshop with new and past Coleman Fellows to discuss course work, programs, and exchange ideas. Coleman Fellows are expected to attend and contribute. A Certificate in Innovation is currently being pursued which would incorporate Coleman Fellow courses.

2005-2006 Coleman Fellow Awardees:
James Mullooly, Applied Anthropology of Entrepreneurship
Lynn Forsthye, Law for Entrepreneurs
Craig Scharton, Uran Entrepreneurship
2006-2007 Coleman Fellow Awardees:
Betsy Hays, Public Relations Entrepreneurship
Chung Hoon Lee, Mems and Nanotechnology for Entrepreneurs
Tomaz Wielicki and Rafael Solis, Project Management for Entrepreneurs
Miles Ishigaki, Music for Entrepreneurs

2007-2008 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

Corey Whitehead and Don Priest, Entrepreneurship in the Arts: Digital Distribution of Media
Klaus Tenbergen, Entrepreneurship for the Food Industry
Reza Raeisi, Engineering Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement

 2008-2009 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

 Lizhu Davis, Fashion Entrepreneurship

Henry Delcore, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Entrepreneurship Education in Engineering, Social Science and Business

Dave Goorahoo, Organic Farming for Entrepreneurs

 2009-2010 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

He Yan Beal, Entrepreneurship in International Retailing.
Matthew Jendian and Don Simmons, Entrepreneurial Approaches to Sustainable Community Partnerships

2010-2011 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

Mohan Dangi, Introduction to Environmental Entrepreneurship
A. Sameh El Kharbawy, Design Internship: Opportunities for Innovation, Service-Learning and Social Enterprise

 2011-2012 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

Florence Cassel, Entrepreneurship In Water Management and Irrigation Technology
Andy Hansz, Entrepreneurial Activity in Real Estate
Elisa Valdez, Floral Design Entrepreneurship 

2012-2013 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

Manoochehr Zoghi, Construction Management Entrepreneurship

2013-2014 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

The Nguyen, Entrepreneurship in New Product Design
Fariborz Tehrani, Construction Management Entrepreneurship

 2014-2015 Coleman Fellow Awardees:

Hongwei Dong, Geography
Richard Wanjema, Design
Wei Wu, Engineering


Current Colemen Fellows

Florence Cassels Florence Cassel                                                    
Adjunct Professor


                                                     Mohan Dangi                                                        
Assistant Professor


Florence Cassels Lizhu Davis                                                           
Assistant Professor
Fashion Design


                                                      Henry Delcore                                                     
Associate Professor


Florence Cassels Hongwei Dong                                         
Assistant Professor


                                                     A. Sameh El Kharbawy                                    
Art and Design


                                                      Lynn Forsythe                                                     
Business Law


Florence Cassels Dave Goorahoo                                                       
Associate Professor


                                                      Andrew Hansz                                                           
Real Estate


Florence Cassels Betsy Hays                                                             
Assistant Professor
Mass Communications and Journalism


Florence Cassels James Mullooley                                                    
Associate Professor


                                                      The Nguyen                                                               
Assistant Professor


Florence Cassels Reza Raeisi                                                            
Assistant Professor


                                                    Craig Scharton                                                     


                                                      Fariborz Tehrani                                                     
Assistant Professor


Florence Cassels Elisa Valdez                                                      


Florence Cassels Richard Wanjema                                                   
Assistant Professor


                                                      Corey Whitehead                                               
Associate Professor


                                                      Tomas Wielicki                                                   
Information Systems


Florence Cassels Wei Wu                                                       
Assistant Professor


                                                      Manoochehr Zoghi