Entrepreneurship is a unique discipline taught by faculty across the campus with support from the Coleman Foundation. The Coleman Fellows Program currently supports fifteen faculty who incorporate elements of entrepreneurship into their course work.

Up to 2 Coleman Fellows are awarded each year with an application due date in June. For information and guidelines to apply as a Coleman Fellow, please click here.

Entrepreneurship Faculty

Florence Cassel Agriculture
Mohan Dangi Geography
Lizhu Davis Fashion Design
Henry Delcore Anthropology
Hongwei Dong Geography
A. Sameh El Kharbawy Art and Design
Lynn Forsythe Business Law
Dave Goorahoo Agriculture
Andrew Hansz Real Estate
Betsy Hays Mass Communications and Journalism
James Mullooley Anthropology
The Nguyen Engineering
Reza Raeisi Engineering
Craig Scharton Entrepreneurship
Fariborz Tehrani Engineering
Elisa Valdez Agriculture
Richard Wanjema Design
Corey Whitehead Music
Tomas Wielicki Information Systems
Wei Wu Engineering
Manoochehr Zoghi Engineering

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