The Lyles Center assists students down the pathway toward earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with the Entrepreneurship option at California State University, Fresno.

The University Catalog contains requirements for earning the following:

You can find all the courses offered in Entrepreneurship (or, ENTR) by clicking here.

Our Coleman Fellows have created the following courses that are part of the entrepreneurship program as well:

  • ANTHRO 138T / ECE 191T: Engineering and Markets
  • ANTHRO: Applied Anthropology for Entrepreneurs
  • ANTHRO 111: Ethnographic Fieldwork
  • BA 18: Business in the Legal Environment (Fall)
  • BA 152: Law for Entrepreneurs(Spring)
  • CULG 136T: Entrepreneurship in the Food Industry
  • Entre 161: Urban Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • FIN 180: Real Estate Principles (Spring)
  • FIN 181: Real Estate Appraisal (Fall)
  • FIN 183: Real Estate Finance (Spring)
  • FM 140: Fashion Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • MBA 289T: Real Estate Analysis (Fall)
  • MCJ 152S: Public Relations (Fall and Spring)
  • MGT 158: Project Management
  • SOC 150T: Entrepreneurial Approaches to Sustainable Community Benefit Organizations
  • SW 104: Soil and Water Management (Spring)
  • SW 111: Irrigation Systems (Fall)
  • PLANT 170T: Organic Farming for Entrepreneurs